flip-flops & globs & hares, oh my!

-i write this sitting on a rock in the arse-end of nowhere. i actually got lost half an hour ago & ended up in some kind of farming metropolis, surrounded by agitated horses. but all is well; i am now enthroned in state upon a shapely rock, looking out at the valley. i think the purple flip-flops were a rash choice of footwear, though.

-so far my home-for-the-summer status is strictly theoretical. i think i’ve spent more time haunting ibby’s house, wandering the woods, facing down zenwriter among the dust motes & sunbeams of the library, than actually at home. all this going outside has put me into a state of being that i have not experienced since the age of ten: reader, i am tanned. it’s wreaking havoc with my whole scruffy impoverished pre-raphaelite aesthetic.

-a large & persistent golden retriever just appeared out of nowhere & disgorged a stream of bubbly slobber all over my rucksack. i wanted to be friends but i think he just wanted my strawberries. so it goes.

-i feel like the last person ever to discover what a fantastic writer hilary mantel is, but i finished wolf hall this morning. i think my favourite thing about it might be the awareness there of a not-quite-banished world just beneath that one, lingering in the grins & sneers of gargoyles, in carved saints, in bowls of milk left out for the fey-folk. in the ghosts whose language is the creaks of rope & floorboard.

-it’s so hot here. in the suburbs you can feel the heat striking up from the asphalt. i’ve been despairing over my wardrobe, which goes black, black, purple, black, maybe a bit of scarlet here & there, you get the picture; i’ve been hacking up old t-shirts with scissors & the result tends to be indecent but pleasantly breezy. i’ve also developed a habit of wandering around barefoot over the past few weeks; occasionally this bites me in the ass, because the pavement gets so hot it actually burns my feet. okay, yes, this predicament would be easily evaded if i put my damn shoes on, but where’s the sense of adventure?

-i’m also the last person ever to watch kenneth branagh’s film of much ado, but so much of it was just spot-on perfection. i laughed so hard during the benedick-‘overhears’-his-frat-bros-gossiping scene that there were tears streaming down my face. i think it was claudio launching into a full on wailing, breast-beating performance that did it. i couldn’t take it. i also LOVED how emma thompson & denzel washington played don pedro basically asking beatrice to marry him. he’s absolutely laying himself on the line- it’s very vulnerable- but he does it so lightly- & she gets this, & i love her response. she makes light of the situation, but she’s gentle about it, she does it in a way that doesn’t shame him. it’s very compassionate. i find it a really touching scene.

-i have finally, finally got round to reading hemingway! i’m about seven chapters into the sun also rises. it’s his first novel & the writing is very good, although there’s something a little too self-consciously ambiguous to it at times. i’m not sure what i’ll read after it- it’s between the thousand autumns of jacob de zoet & the well of loneliness. unless i’m feeling whimsical- in which case who knows.

-i’ve been rewatching season eight of supernatural. the whole amelia thing works so much better than i remember- it’s a difficult & delicate relationship, but there’s a maturity to it, & to the writing. sam is not in a younger brother role here; everyone is an adult; he & amelia are both weary drifters. it’s not nice (& oh boy neither are those colour filters) but it works. & my god- all the sam-dean-benny stuff is so WEIRD- by which i mean that there’s such an absurd jealous love-crossed vibe to the whole thing. they really go for it & everyone is seething & deceiving each other & lying out the wazoo. it’s completely horrible. i’m enjoying it so much.

-okay, so, a fucking hare just came lolloping into the clearing where i’m sitting on my rock-throne. with long graceful back legs & black fur in its ears & it sat up & gave me the most hardass stare you ever saw & then went gambolling off, presumably to bully its family. i’ve never seen a hare before. clearly i am at the centre of a teeming hub of wildlife.

-jo & i communicate through a convoluted system of in-jokes & personal slang that occasionally amounts to our own language. we undertook some artistic collaboration.


this resulted in her painting these lovely dancy little chaps!


jo’s selling them as stickers on her redbubble at castle of jo (& her cuttlefish are beautiful too). so, you know, go & buy them if you want your life to be filled with small jumping beans of joy. also to fund our olive habit.

-i’ve been plugging away at A Certain Project for weeks now, & i keep saying that i’m gonna go on one of my 31k-in-twelve-days kicks, but between all my reading- shakespeare in the morning, poetry in the evening, novels wherever i can fit them, plus things like, you know, socialising & exercising & watching stuff- i’ve been getting maybe seven hundred words a day done. i’m going to face the fact that unless i let everything else go out of the window for a fortnight, i won’t get this done. so i’m going to let everything else go out of the window for a fortnight. i’ll try & keep posting- probably little stuff- so that you guys won’t be deprived of my delightful online presence.

-you get no apologies for the title. ‘but isabel, do you have no shame?’ no, & you still get no apologies for the title.

-anyway, my throne is getting distinctly chilly, & i’m a little worried that the next visiting creature of the wild will be a grizzly bear or something, & most significantly i want to watch the joss whedon much ado tonight, so i’m going to attempt to flip-flop the four rocky miles home. pray god that i arrive with my feet still attached.


note: isabel did indeed retain her feet, although she arrived home with some exotically placed blisters & a sunburned neck. it moreover turns out that she was trespassing on land belonging to some fancy-ass golf club or other for most of her walk. she advises readers to wear sturdy shoes if they plan to go on extended hikes in the british countryside, & to watch out for friendly animals; the last creature she encountered was not a bear but an extremely willing cat, who ruthlessly exploited her back-scratching skills for a good ten minutes on her way home.




the ‘wayward sisters’ petition (i.e a shameless plug)

here’s one for my spn-fan buddies. Silver Dragon has asked me to share this petition around:


i, personally, think that wayward sisters sounds cool as all hell. so i’m signing. you can never get enough of jody mills, amiright?

now i’m off to catch a train to ipswich, there to spend what will hopefully be a long, lazy, dreamy weekend, filled with writing. & ghibli films. & sleep. (oh, god, sleep.) catch you on the flip side.

the run-down (+ digressions on spn, ben whishaw, ‘a midsummer night’s dream’ et al.)

-so, i’ve just been informed by the doctor that, due to an unidentified muscle injury, i can’t do any high impact sports for at least a week. which means no running. which kinda sucks out loud, because i’m a running junkie & it happens to be my only really clear thinking-space & there’s nothin quite like that high. but i’m limping everywhere & the doctor was making noises about painkillers & Seeing How It Goes, so i guess i’ll just deal.

-so you see that title was a pun! man i’m clever

-in the mean-time i intend to get absolutely killer biceps in order to beat lucy in our next arm-wrestle. (the tally currently stands at one point to each of us, but she was drunk the time i won. & she’s butch as hell. & i have noodle arms. i don’t like my chances.)

-i’ve been workin on a post about the picture of dorian gray. the decadence is a bit of a fixation of mine at the moment. somethin about decayed elegance fascinates me. & then of course there’s the side of it where i’m a queer who finds the wildly obvious homoeroticism hugely enjoyable. it’s so blatant!

-there’s a dead bat in the courtyard. it’s so tiny- a ball of fur the size of my thumb with little leathery wings. i always find it so strange, seeing dead things. like envoys from another world that barely touches mine. it’s because i’m a city kid who watches too many horror films; it gives you an unrealistic attitude towards death.

-blew twenty quid on two huge volumes of t.s eliot’s letters yesterday (‘yeah, jo, let’s go in city bookshop, whatever could go wrong?’). i’ve only flipped through so far but my god the guy had an impressive correspondence. jean cocteau, alain-fournier, virginia & leonard woolf, antoine de saint-exupéry, james joyce, alfred knopf, ford madox ford, wyndham lewis- you name ’em, they’re in there. it’s a testimony to the network of excitement that surrounded the literary community then- the sense that a huge upheaval was happening (an upheaval, remember, which paradoxically was born of disillusionment, ennui, the inadequacy of words in the face of what the world had seen). i’d love to go back & visit that time.

-just finishing the last act of a midsummer night’s dream. man, bottom is such a sweetheart. onto richard ii next- i’ve been looking forward to reading it ever since i watched the hollow crown production. which is a fucking masterpiece & probably the best onscreen shakespeare i’ve ever seen. it might be my favourite of ben whishaw’s performances- & i say that as a ben whishaw fan & someone who numbers bright star & cloud atlas amongst their favourite films. at the beginning he’s this alien gold-draped figure, sort of remote, like half of him’s looking down from a distant star- & completely disengaged with his political duties. (there’s a wonderful quote about the casting process from rupert goold: ‘i wanted someone who was poetically distant in their soul.’) & then the rest of it’s the slow unravelling of this persona- little cruelties, pettiness, kindness, despair. martyrdom & redemption & narcissism get completely mixed up, are often indistinguishable from each other. & there’s a riveting scene in the throne-room where i held my breath the whole way through.

-for the past few months i have been very slowly rewatching spn. i’m just into season six now. lucy & my other flatmates staged an intervention last time i watched an episode because i was laughing so loudly. it’s been good to come back to it- remembering why i got obsessed with this ridiculous show in the first place. i forget how good they are with character stuff sometimes- what a quality of realness, of predictable unpredictable life, is in sam & dean. & in characters like bobby & john & ellen & jo & charlie & even the ones who only last an episode, like madison. hell, even in jess, although by rights she should be an irritating stereotype- instead you really believe in her kindness, her goodness, that sam could glimpse a better world through her. i don’t know how they pull it off but they do.

-i’m two seasons behind on spn, by the way. i’ll catch up eventually. i’ve heard things about season twelve that make me want to bang my head against the wall, but i’m pretty excited to get stuck into season thirteen.

-i’m currently sitting surrounded by books, drinking coconut & honey kefir because apparently uni has made me into a giant hippie. also, despite already being in the middle of about six books here, plus two more that i left at my mother’s house (wolf hall & a new york winter’s tale, if you want to know), i started reading the dresden files earlier. they’re the kind of semi-trashy that really, really appeals to me. harry dresden is an irritating chauvinist git & i’m exasperated with myself for liking him.

-on a serious kaleo kick this week. morose icelandic rock is a Mood, frankly.

-me & the gang- meaning lucy, jo, will & jamie- are catching the train down to house-sit (read: sleepover!) at jo’s this weekend. cue studio ghibli marathons & banana bread-making. it’s gonna be a fun weekend. even if i can’t pavement-pound my Manly Inner Torment away. sigh.


destiel & the whole queerbaiting issue

so i realise that this is one of the most stupidly thorny subjects of the entire show. i come in peace! really! i also kinda hate writing about destiel at this point bc there’s always someone who charges onto the thread & rages at everyone but what the hell, right.

there’s been a lot of accusations of queerbaiting leveled at the show & the writers et al since, what, 2010? i’ve been giving it some thought. obviously everyone knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote the cas-dean-subtext-that-isn’t-really-‘subtext’-per-se into the show, because they aren’t stupid & the show is pretty open about it anyway. i imagine, however, that they had no idea how much it would blow up & that destiel would become a ridiculous mothership on a similar level to johnlock. faced w/ shippers en masse, there were several options open to them-

a) make it canon. then kill cas very soon after. this would have been the artistically sensible option- not that we need to see more of the Dead Gays trope, but in that it closes out the destiel arc without having to change the fundamentals of the show. the obvious downside is that cas is dead & a fan-favourite character is gone, so it would have been a huge risk (aside from the obvious leap of bravery it would have taken them to make dean, masculine western hero, explicitly bisexual). wow, this whole paragraph sounded cold.

b) make it canon. cas takes on a tricky role that straddles elements of jess, lisa, & wash from firefly. he is the only winchester love interest who does not die in the immediate future. there are domestic scenes.

this was the popular vision of a lot of destiel shippers, of course (i say ‘was’; i have no idea what’s happening over on spn-tumblr these days). the issue & difficulty with this is that what the show is About would have had to shift; fundamentally it’s sam & dean’s love story, & about grief, & about men without women (in the western-archetype sense better elaborated on by people who actually know shit about westerns). it could have been done, but that kind of axis shift would have been really, really hard to handle in a way that satisfied the majority of fans, not to mention the creepy guys in suits who do the shadowy business of television networks. also, the sam-&-dean stans would have been up in arms.

c) just sort of let it boil away for six or seven seasons, never really making it canon canon, vaguely yet obviously implying lots of stuff until somehow bucklemming get landed with the arc & it completely disintegrates. in short, never actually making a decision about it. this is, obviously, the option they ended up going for. pros being that it keeps the presumed shadowy execs happy & stops the fans from killing & eating each other; cons being that this is pretty much the definition of queerbaiting. it’s not the brave option, & it’s not the particularly clever option either, but i understand the temptation. for writers, this was safe, until it wasn’t because the show had gone on longer than everyone thought it would & the cas-dean arc was suddenly a hairy, flabby mess that no-one wanted to so much as poke with a straw.

i get the love for destiel, but it’s not great queer rep. or, rather, as part of the show’s portrayal of dean’s sexual ambiguity it is arguably good rep of sexual complexity, if not queerness exactly, but the arc taken alone? nah. there is certainly better elsewhere in the show. charlie, who is possibly one of the best-treated & least-sexualised lesbian characters i’ve ever seen in the media; ‘the chitters’; also the whole of ‘sex & violence’, i think, though maybe that comes under the ‘sexual ambiguity’ heading & is also a meta for another time. because it seems i’m back to writing meta now. i did not see that coming.

anyway, that’s my two cents. a well-written arc is not quite the same thing as a well-structured arc, & an arc that is excellent for four seasons or so before collapsing like a nightmare souffle is not the same thing as decent representation. it wasn’t an easy situation for the writers’ room, & it was poorly handled in many respects; they essentially wrote themselves into a corner & never really managed to write themselves out. i like the ship; in itself it’s deep & funny & moving. but it seriously makes me cringe when people act like it’s the holy grail of gay pride. come on, guys, the writers didn’t know what to do so they didn’t do anything. it’s hardly the price of salt.



spn beauty appreciation: bloody mary

‘Bloody Mary’, AKA that one where Phil Scriggcia made Jared and Jensen stumble around in a pitch-black void for the entirety of the episode, because Ambience or something. It’s fucking gorgeous, actually. There’s lush ridiculous pools of shadow everywhere. Also, this got really repetitive and kinda derpy, and I think next time I do one of these posts I’m going to have to get really, really pissed first, because then at least I’ll have a excuse for essentially saying ‘look at all the DARK’ over and over again for fifteen pages.


I bingewatched the first eight seasons over February 2015, when I was a young, fragile horror-movie-virgin, and this shot made me scared of my own house. We have this creepy light switch on a string in the bathroom and, like. Have you ever seen a light switch swinging eerily back and forth in the dead flat light of two in the morning. I’m serious, it’s horrifying.


I love how the dots on the windshield speckle their faces, and I love the fact that both of them look like absolute shit in this scene.


All that gorgeous dimness. Also, I have a suggestion: rewatch the show. Every time Venetian blinds show up, everyone takes a shot. Last one to go blind gets the honour of winning.


Silhouettes; the inversion of the idea of Sam-and-Dean as heroes.


I love it when the show uses fadeouts. They’re so rare and so evocative when they do. Like the one in ABHL part one.


This shot reminds me of Citizen Kane. I have never seen Citizen Kane. Possibly this is a memory from a previous existence.


Give me all this noir shit.




This lighting is so good! You can see right through their eyes!


I kinda love the dreamy, blurry backgrounds in this scene. It’s almost too much.



I might make the next appreciation post a drinking game. Take a shot every time eyelash shadows. (Getting drunk might help me upload faster, too.)


I love all the shit with mirrors in this episode. It works with the whole doppelganger theme and also it just looks really really good.



Did… did electric lighting not exist in 2005, or…?


RIDICULOUS CRYSTALS OF LIGHT. (I think this photo’s out of sequence, but if I try to move it WordPress is going to throw a bitch fit, so never mind.)


I kind of like this shot because everything just looks a tiny bit out of focus, and that open door is all skewed and creepy, and VENETIAN BLINDS, and that thing Sam’s holding looks like a fucking black void into the floor and hello, House of Leaves.


I love this. It’s all chiaroscuro and grimy and PORES. I love it when the dirt and the sheer grubbiness of their lives is visible like this, in details.


Just. Black pits of shadow. Ridiculous.


What a shot, holy shit. Like- the stairs and the blocking and just. PHIL.


Yes yes yes blurriness and clarity and reflections.


This is also just an amazing shot. Also, everything is kind of bleached and off-colour in this episode even when it isn’t super dark.


And this is just super dark. They look like shadows. It’s subversive.


Eyelashes. And you can only see half of her face. Everyone is fragmented, or doubled, or reflected; nothing is seen cleanly. That won’t change.


They look marooned. Which, I mean. Everyone’s lost at all times on this show.


This might actually be the most gorgeous scene. Silvery glittering rain. Again: shrouding them, concealing them.



Oopy oop more mirrors.



This is weirdly pleasurable in that most of the frame is just darkness and also how often is it that we see a chandelier and a Winchester in the same frame. And there’s a sharpness to the cut of those shadows.


Give me all the weird lampshade silhouettes.


God, I love this, and it’s symbolically resonant; Dean as the shadow going towards the light, etc etc.


This is just so cool and it actually makes me excited because you can see all the individual chips of glass what the fuck.


More dreamy weird sunrise lighting!


Just… haunting. The tree full of coins, too.


I’m officially out of things to say. But I like this shot. So whatever. Next time I’ll get drunk.

spn beauty appreciation: phantom traveler

Bob Singer’s first episode! It’s rather monochrome. And this is rather abrupt. Yeah, I’ve had a busy week.


Cool trompe l’oeil shot.


Sam’s creepy Hitchcockian silhouette.


Sleepy hedgehog Dean.


Mmm. Look at that iridescent sky.


Shadows everywhere. There are so many Venetian blinds in this episode.


I like the luminous pale-ness here.


Look at those apples. I swear to god it wouldn’t be the same episode without them. They’re so crazy.


Because spiky ridiculous eyelash-shadows.


Brilliant cinematic shot. This looks expensive. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but it looks it.


Classic creepy angle. And it’s so dim.


I love this because they look like something out of Scooby Doo.


Look at those shadows. That is so nuts.


The Hunter Wall of Crazy. These are always so intricate and this one is as monochromatic as the lighting. What the hell is that skeletal thing in the corner. That is horrifying.


This shot was re-used in Season Four. Hehe.


Oh my god, his face. I love how the SPN guys can look simultaneously gorgeous and like absolute shit.


Sam’s profile looooooooming paley out of the dark.


Impala shot. There’s even a bit of lens flare, look.


All that dark space around her. And more eyelashes.


I love this shot. Cheekbone shadows. Dean’s fingernails. Starry lights fanning out dramatically behind his head. Sam’s deep intense eye-sockets. Whoa.


He’s practically shimmering.


Nice angle.


Puppy face to the max.


The light in her eye.


Throwaway silhouette! It’s so clearly defined you can see his stubble.


Beautiful & beautifully lit.


I love the quality of the light in this scene. Everything’s so defined.


Think the blue of the sky here is meant to suggest the blue of that first trompe l’oeil shot?



And a lovely silvery Impala shot to finish.

spn beauty appreciation: dead in the water

This is so long, you guys. And about ninety percent of it is faces, which probably says quite a lot about the episode. Full of gorgeous black shadows that well up and spill over.


And the opaque depths of that lake. Shiver. The contrast of her profile.


Hello, Jaws.


There is darkness encroaching where darkness has absolutely no business being, in this episode.


The quintessential Dean shot. Man, those eyelashes.


Even the random nowhere diners have the insane lighting. Sam’s eyes look practically green.


The bars of light. I wonder how many sets of Venetian blinds the SPN team have in storage. Or maybe they just re-use the same ones.


I love this. It’s dreamlike.


As is this. Talk about romanticised. That angle, and the pearly sky.


Just realised that this is shot from the perspective of someone in the lake. Chills. Also, look at that misty forest. You can practically feel the cold.




Big lovely sincere closeup of Dean looking all open. And the sheriff doing his looming.


Because it’s so daaaaaaaaark and the wallpaper is reflected in the mirror and it looks awesome.


The line of light delineating her profile. The blurry space.


The look on Dean’s face tickles me so hard. Nice composition, too. Nice black/green/assorted shades of drab colour palette in this ep.


So, this breaks my heart a tiny bit.


Those lamplike lights in the background. This one’s actually pretty vibrant. Probably because it’s a playground and, you know, evoking the four actually happy years of Dean’s life and all.


So dingy! The light from that lamp doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It just gets sort of soaked up by the gloom.


Beautiful closer-than-closeup.


I really like this one. His eyes are all shadowed.


Goooorgeous. White and green. That lake gets scarier every time. It’s so still and glassy and impenetrable. And it’s always right fucking there.


High-contrast. His irises are the same green as the background.


Totally up in Sam’s grill. You can actually see the peach fluff on his cheeks. Also: light hitting his irises.


My god Amy Acker’s big anime eyes. Kim Manners, man. The IRISES.


How does Manners manage to get the light to hit their eyes in that specific way? I mean…


All the detail here. The army men, the football, the lamps, the wallpaper, the mirror with the little camera flare, and the shadowy grown-ups. We’re on Lucas’s level.


Might be my favourite closeup of the episode. Those luscious shadows.


Even the Impala on a bright morning is dark as all fuck.


Lovin’ that violet camera flare. It’s like a flower, or a stain.


Really really cool shot. And deeply creepy. Our own faces, overlaying the dead’s.


So a) the lighting and b) the composition and c) the army men and d) the fact that Sam’s looking right at us.


Beautiful, haunting, resonant.


Love his eyelids, and the reflections in the mirror.


Again: that calm lake.


This is so awesome. You can see all his pores. I love the angle. It’s overwhelming. We are given no SPACE.


Random encroaching darkness. Or rather, not random at all.


He looks starkly traumatised. And incredibly beautiful while he’s at it, of course. Cheekbone shadows. The world moves on behind him.


Venetian blinds. The Face.


I can’t handle the army men. It’s like they KNOW.


Painterly to the last detail.


So much oil-paint beauty that I don’t know what to do with myself.


Love that we see them reflected in the window first, and the sunrise light.


Beautifully lit. More irises.


Lucas looking incredibly tiny and incredibly powerful. That kid is called Lucas, right? I didn’t just make that up?


Her eyes are basically blackened pits. It’s so gorgeous.


Ominous as HECK. The trees pressing in.


The very fabric of horror.


And this is pure agony, and I’m terribly sorry to leave you at that but these are in more-or-less chronological order and that was my last cap.

R.I.P, Kim.




spn beauty appreciation: wendigo

Wendigo has a very stark look, blacks & greens mostly. There aren’t many sources of warmth, so when they’re there they stand out. Like the Pilot, it’s directed by David Nutter. Guy clearly had a strong sense of Mood. Obviously both episodes- his only work on the show- have stuff in common (shadows, the Gaping Maw of Darkness, etc etc), but despite this thing taking place in a forest, there’s no twisty branches thing going on here, like in the Pilot. Whereas that was about images- ladies burning on ceilings, the boys silhouetted on that bridge- Wendigo seems to be more about movement, how people are placed in relation to one another, all that. That’s my takeaway, anyway. The movement thing would certainly account for how blurry most of the screencaps were.


Nice cheekbone-shadows. (Also, remember the days of the DS?)



The colours here- all soft & dreamy- are a tipoff.


Aaand we’re back in khaki-&-brown Winchesterland. Because calling it the real world would probably be pushing it. I like how they’re filmed from outside the window, with the trees silhouetted.



My favourite shot of the episode. The light playing over Sam’s face (he, too, has great nose-shadows), the claustrophobic angle.


Hailey! That was her name, right? I like her. Nice screen.


How someone can be both a) so enormous & b) so delicate-featured is beyond me. Love the careful gatherings of shadow at the bones of his face.


Love this one because they look so ominous, turned away from the rest of the bar like that, all in darkness. & those luminous newspapers.


Look at that. That is magnificent. You can’t even see him. You guys. J.A & J.P are two of the most beautiful humans on the damn planet & half the time they don’t even show us their faces properly. They WITHOLD. It’s subversive.

I love this show.


Some v. cool composition here, those perfectly placed bars of light, more silhouettes…


Dean looks so damn glamorous at times. & so SCRUFFY.


Ah, the colour-filtered woods. Again: compare the palette to that of the dream sequence from earlier. It’s much bleaker. Also, Sam’s sweet almond eyes. (& the hair, my god, the adorable season one hair. Listen, I’m not apologising. They do this stuff on purpose, you know.)


Included for the Samulet & the weird/gorgeous/wtf bleached light, & for the look on his face.


You remember what I said about heat sources? Look at that fire in the background. It’s practically melting off the frame.


More noses. I might be having a crisis.


Okay, but look at those blurry molten flames. They’re like golden jewels. It’s frickin’ Essence of Myth or something over here.


Classic Winchester profile. Only with that soft smudgy J.A look. & note the empty space. It stops it feeling indulgent. We are still in exposition territory, after all.


Natural light, mmmm. The Beauty is strong.


Rays of light streaming down over them. Sam & Dean looming protectively in the foreground. *distant notes of sa-aving people, hu-unting things…*




Sam’s beautiful shaded-in doe face & the streaming light. Too. Much.


I don’t care that Kripke dissed the wendigo. This shot is terrifying.


God, love this. Also: ‘a burning shuddering frightful angel’. Google it.


The stark cold light & the jagged rock & how half his face is completely invisible.


This is beautiful. First off: clock the heat source. Second off: this looks like Swan Song foreshadowing. It’s not, obviously- or it can’t have been intended that way. But I’m just saying. There’s a whole lot of symbolic resonance. Also the composition is perfect.

Also his arms are ridiculous.


His bloody grimy doll-face. Oh, J.A.


The gems of light glimmering behind her, over her shoulder. Warmth. Rare, here.


Perfectly composed. Beautifully lit. Stoic Winchester profile.


See above, but also: the look on Sam’s face. You guys. He’s driving.


Aaaand scene. On our favourite girl. In a lovely colour-stripped classic-SPN shot.

Next up: Dead in the Water, Kim Manners’ first ep. Listen, don’t blame me if I get overexcited. Bloke was a genius.


spn beauty appreciation: pilot

The first episode of our lovely beautiful show, directed by David Nutter. These posts will be my favourite images from each ep, basically.


So, I love that this is the first shot of the whole show; a shadow-branded house that’ll be destroyed five minutes in. It’s prophetic.


An iconic image. Horrifying.


I love how the colours from the burning-on-the-ceiling shot are echoed here. They’re hardly present at all through the rest of the episode (or even the rest of the season). And then that black cat, those pumpkins, that ghost. There’s so much detail. (Also,  how cute and lanky does Sam look.)


Our first shot of the boys together, and they’re in silhouette. We can’t even see them. Again: iconic. This is one of those scenes that makes it into every fanvid.


I like creepy staircases and I especially like how this one’s shot from below. That’s my only reason for including this.


The lighting here is insanely beautiful. Those lacelike shadows stretching off down the wall, that (terrifying) shadow of Sam. This does not look like it was made in 2005.


The twisty bars of light falling over his face.


Again: the light reflecting in his eyes, the ridiculous patterns of shadow. All dark as hell.


More twisty silhouettes. It’s kind of a motif here. Not one we see very often on SPN. Also, how beautiful are those headlights coming out of the mist.


The mist, yet more twisty branches, ethereal ghost-lady. Kudos to the costumiers.


Quintessential horror shot. I love how his face is cut off by the bars, & the glimmering light through the glass.


Beautiful bridge. More silhouettes. It looks v. secretive.


Nice dim lighting. They look all soft & smushy. Love how the Winchesters have (obviously) got coffee & the goth-girls have got coke. Distinctions are important.


Love this. A location or a set? Either way there’s so much dust & so much detail. It feels nostalgic to me.


Greenest eyes to ever green. Rose-gold light. What gives.


Ah, the faces. This makes me happy, happy, happy. (I always squeal inside a bit whenever they manage to cram these two into the same shot. I’m easily pleased.) But also: the gold light edging their hair, the landscape behind, the bridge framing them, the sky.


Nice abstract blobs of light in the background. J.A’s nose casts such awesome shadows.


& so do his eye sockets, my goodness. With just a tiny bit of eyelid visible. Also: cheekbone shadows, the texture on the leather jacket, glimmers of blue light in the window. These closeups, you guys. They’re works of art.


Dusty light. That look on his face. He’s so damn cocky.


And here we have more gold-limned humans & Sam’s gentle lovely eyes.


Silhouette. Icy light. PHONE BOXES. This is a freakin’ noir.


Inventive mirror shot. Good stuff.


So, this is horrifying to me. Not really because of the creepy children. But because of the massive fucking nightmare that is that kid’s bloated shadow.

Also: mirror shot of the staircase in the teaser. In case you didn’t catch that part.


Impala, roads, always.


& red light. & sirens.

Next up: Wendigo. Season one is so dramatically beautiful I almost can’t bear it.