bespectacled git who once had to open a coconut with a hacksaw. into lots of stuff, a selection of which includes:

  • supernatural;
  • gaiman, mervyn peake, l.m montgomery, wilde, salinger, angela carter, alan garner, fitzgerald, & ‘the hunchback of notre-dame’;
  • my very tiny sunflower john keats;
  • gillian anderson;
  • perfume: the story of a murderer;
  • the many incarnations of sherlock holmes (especially ‘sherlock’, ‘private life’);
  • nbc hannibal;
  • kim manners, del toro, von trier;
  • writing;
  • abuse of semi-colons;
  • frobisher & sixsmith;
  • howl;
  • neutral milk hotel;
  • attractive cinematography;
  • fey, fables, phantasms;
  • justified;
  • dickens (sydney carton, man);
  • yggdrasil;
  • hergé;
  • etc.

i reside at the other end of sucrimgible@gmail.com, where i reply to everything.


21 thoughts on “about

    • Have you seen the promo pic for the special? That wonderful handlebar ‘tache…
      And it looks like it’s going to be a long hard wait. The release date’s been pushed back to 2017.
      Nice to meet another SPN/Sherlock fan! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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