screaming taps, summer madness, filibuster the small dainty unicorn

-today i went out shopping for laundry detergent pods. i returned with a horrifically expensive cuddly unicorn. jo named him filibuster. i feel like that sums up my uni experience pretty well.

-we are almost into our final fortnight at mcc. the taps have started making weird yowling noises, so clearly they’re already mourning our departure, & the kitchen ceiling drips whenever i go in there, so deep is its grief. if i suddenly vanish from the online aether within the next few days, assume that the building collapsed on us.

-according to wordpress, it’s been three years since i started this blog. which is nuts. it began as a place for my fifteen-year-old drama-queen self to vent, bit by bit, the inexpressible enormity of her supernatural obsession (i say, like a hypocrite), & then as the most exam-riddled years of my life swung into hellish focus my blogging became patchy at best. but i think i’ll manage to stay Back this time, now that i’ve branched out somewhat, even if a lot of it’s just bits of whatever poems are knocking me out on whatever given day, or silly life-updates like this. i’m starting to feel comfortable here again.

-the discerning attendee of may have noticed that my blog title has changed. let me tell you: you got off lightly, lucky reader. rejected possibilities included ‘the place where childhoods go to die’ & ‘my sapling personality cult’.

-the State of the Leg update: i think it’s getting better! i can actually climb stairs like a normal person now. on the other hand i am going STIR-CRAZY. lucy, usually an old hand at taking my crap after seven months under a roof together, has fled to ipswich for the weekend. perhaps she got tired of being tickled with sprouted root vegetables?

-i started reading king john this morning. the bastard of faulconbridge is making me cackle. his reaction to being accused by his brother of illegitimacy, on the grounds that he doesn’t look like their supposed father: ‘If old Sir Robert did beget us both/ And were our father, and this son like him,-/ O old Sir Robert, father, on my knee/ I give heaven thanks I was not like to thee!’ i mean, come on, that’s funny.

-i’m starting to put together my plans for the summer. i need to write a ton of my novel, & obviously keep this page going as best i can, & keep up with my ongoing shakespeare & poetry projects, & whatever books i’m reading alongside. i’d like to try to rack up some more poetry, because contrary to the impression i gave out by posting elegy for nebulae the other day, i write maybe two poems a year. & of those, i actually like perhaps one. or one stanza of one. you get me. i’m a prose writer, really. & i need to get on with my music practice &, you know, get a job.

-whilst working this around lord of the rings sleepovers & getting drunk in public parks & keeping up my track record of inappropriate nightclub behaviour. notable events will probably include sheffield pride & my birthday.

-i also really want to start teaching myself russian over the summer. which i will flat-out not have the time for, but i’m going to have even less time for it when second year starts, so i should probably just go for it.

-also! i’ve got my classical lit project planned. starting with the fagles iliad & going through euripides, sophocles, aristophanes, plato, aeschylus, herodotus, aristotle, petronius (i admit i’m excited for the satyricon), ovid- sappho, though i can’t remember where she fits into the chronology-  & then the anglo-saxons (got that heaney translation of beowulf alllllll lined up) & then chaucer, malory… you get the gist. now obviously i won’t get through all that from june to september, but i’m going to attempt a Sizeable Dent.

-i do art stuff too, just fyi. i should probably try to work some ink drawings in there. god, i’m just into way too much stuff. don’t even get me started on my david lynch project.

-anyway! there’s a nice thunderstorm scent to the air. wait, wait, there’s a gorgeous line somewhere in rosemary tonks-

That hour when all the Earth is drinking the

Blue drop of thunder

god, rosemary, just slay me, why don’t you?

but what i meant to say is that it’s about time i went to huddle up on the balcony & write. so, you know, bye. how are all you guys doing?



4 thoughts on “screaming taps, summer madness, filibuster the small dainty unicorn

  1. I’m doing good. Currently counting the days to s14 premier because oh my god the finale. It was, like, foreshadowed years in advance, and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • oh, god, i clicked on the superwiki like a dumbass and immediately caught a HUGE spoiler. so i know why you’re excited but let’s carry on pretending that i don’t. i can’t wait to catch up with s12-13 now- going to get through my rewatch first, though, i think.

      though who knows. maybe i’ll just pack it in & go for it…


      • Oh man, I know. That first page picture…
        But there’s a lot more to it than just that. You’ll (probably) flip when you get there.
        Where are you now in Supernatural?

        Liked by 1 person

        • i can’t wait! it should actually give me fuel for more spn posts- i feel completely burned out as far as writing about the show goes atm -_-

          i’m on 6×04. which is terrible given that i started rewatching in october. i’m trying to juggle the conference + reading + writing + uni friends at the moment, so i haven’t had time for a good bingewatch in ages, sadly.


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