personal #3 (freshers edition) 

freshers’ week is over & mistakes were made.

turns out that norwich is pretty as hell & i am living by an abandoned ivy-covered factory on a river. medieval churches here are like greggs in sheffield; you can stand at the door of one & see five more.


i live five minutes from a backrub shop.


the actual campus is basically one big weird modern art installation.


(except also Nature & you can walk round the bloody on-campus lake how cool is tHaT)


but anyway, this week has been filled with the making of new friends- including the ultimate softboy & knitter king will, the secret salt shaker jamie, my wonderfully deadpan flatmate lucy, & jo, cuttlefish whisperer (& my partner in inebriation)


also my best buddy this absolute lad

it has featured responsible eating habits,



responsible drinking habits,



don’t drink tequila kids


i ate 9 of will’s chocolate bars & painted one of his army figures green rip mr green boi


lookin pretty smug here for someone who’s absolutely plastered

walks of shame,



also elevators of shame


also first blue route buses of shame

& friendly gatherings that we all remember as v. fun & yet in the photos we all look sad, & friendly gatherings where in the photos we merely all look sozzled,


(the purple goddess is annavslife go check out her blog)

my room, which is adorable,


not ft. the three more shelves of books in my wardrobe & the ‘i, lucifer’ soundtrack playing really loudly

my first ever life drawing class at the art society,



i went into a transcendent state of aesthetic appreciation & then my proportions went all wonky

& very little sleep!

all in all: 10/10 first week would do again, perhaps with some of my slightly worse decisions removed


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