afternoon, folks

(if there are any Folks still here, that is, after my disgraceful abandonment of this blog for the past six months.)

i dropped off posting recently to go do my a-levels; having lived through my last exam today (three hours of english lit, hurrah) & symbolically thrown two years’ worth of notes down the stairs, i am ready to take up the blogger mantle once again.

i’ll continue with my spn beauty appreciation posts, of course. might also expand a bit- book stuff, personal stuff. some more spn chatting. i want to be able to just come & hang out here again.

anyway: four months of freedom before i’m off to uni. such bliss, my brothers.

26 thoughts on “afternoon, folks

  1. Welcome back to the interwebs. 🙂
    (I just realized that I’m still not done with the analysis of the German SPN Dub of Monster at the End of this book…too much other stuff going on…besides me not having watched any SPN in the past months)

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    • thank you! it’s good to hear from you again 🙂 god, I remember that project of yours. I haven’t been watching either- haven’t felt too kindly towards s12- though I’ve dipped into previous seasons 😉

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        • remind me- what fanfic was that?

          (i know that fanfic regularly keeps me from doing many, many things.)

          what sort of original stuff do you do? I’ve got a massive project going on at the moment- a sort of snowy dreamy mythological thing with cities named after angels & etc.


          • The thing that went from simple One Shot about book readers meeting characters to a Season 11 AU, I’m pretty sure I’ve told you about it – and you might have read part of it.

            Different stuff. There is a 12-chapter story about different werewolves, there is a (currently) 54k (mostly notes/dialogues) project about a Queen and her struggles to keep her throne and there currently is a Fairy Tale Reading Challenge on my Blog that needs posts, so people can collect points for different prices. And at least one Advent Calendar that got in the way of me updating… and life is a project by itself. 😀

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