spn beauty appreciation: pilot

The first episode of our lovely beautiful show, directed by David Nutter. These posts will be my favourite images from each ep, basically.


So, I love that this is the first shot of the whole show; a shadow-branded house that’ll be destroyed five minutes in. It’s prophetic.


An iconic image. Horrifying.


I love how the colours from the burning-on-the-ceiling shot are echoed here. They’re hardly present at all through the rest of the episode (or even the rest of the season). And then that black cat, those pumpkins, that ghost. There’s so much detail. (Also,  how cute and lanky does Sam look.)


Our first shot of the boys together, and they’re in silhouette. We can’t even see them. Again: iconic. This is one of those scenes that makes it into every fanvid.


I like creepy staircases and I especially like how this one’s shot from below. That’s my only reason for including this.


The lighting here is insanely beautiful. Those lacelike shadows stretching off down the wall, that (terrifying) shadow of Sam. This does not look like it was made in 2005.


The twisty bars of light falling over his face.


Again: the light reflecting in his eyes, the ridiculous patterns of shadow. All dark as hell.


More twisty silhouettes. It’s kind of a motif here. Not one we see very often on SPN. Also, how beautiful are those headlights coming out of the mist.


The mist, yet more twisty branches, ethereal ghost-lady. Kudos to the costumiers.


Quintessential horror shot. I love how his face is cut off by the bars, & the glimmering light through the glass.


Beautiful bridge. More silhouettes. It looks v. secretive.


Nice dim lighting. They look all soft & smushy. Love how the Winchesters have (obviously) got coffee & the goth-girls have got coke. Distinctions are important.


Love this. A location or a set? Either way there’s so much dust & so much detail. It feels nostalgic to me.


Greenest eyes to ever green. Rose-gold light. What gives.


Ah, the faces. This makes me happy, happy, happy. (I always squeal inside a bit whenever they manage to cram these two into the same shot. I’m easily pleased.) But also: the gold light edging their hair, the landscape behind, the bridge framing them, the sky.


Nice abstract blobs of light in the background. J.A’s nose casts such awesome shadows.


& so do his eye sockets, my goodness. With just a tiny bit of eyelid visible. Also: cheekbone shadows, the texture on the leather jacket, glimmers of blue light in the window. These closeups, you guys. They’re works of art.


Dusty light. That look on his face. He’s so damn cocky.


And here we have more gold-limned humans & Sam’s gentle lovely eyes.


Silhouette. Icy light. PHONE BOXES. This is a freakin’ noir.


Inventive mirror shot. Good stuff.


So, this is horrifying to me. Not really because of the creepy children. But because of the massive fucking nightmare that is that kid’s bloated shadow.

Also: mirror shot of the staircase in the teaser. In case you didn’t catch that part.


Impala, roads, always.


& red light. & sirens.

Next up: Wendigo. Season one is so dramatically beautiful I almost can’t bear it.



27 thoughts on “spn beauty appreciation: pilot

  1. I loved the cinematography of that first season. It was simply gorgeous, and Sam was so well shot. I still love first season Sam because the lighting for him was so well done.

    Its hard to top that darkness they captured in the first season and I think that went a long way towards addicting so many fans. Supernatural wasnt like anything else on TV at that time.

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    • There’s an absolutely gorgeous Sam closeup that I’m including in my Wendigo post 😉 they were both beautifully shot. I think seasons two & four are the most gorgeous seasons of the whole show, really. The season 7-8 fake tan phase was atrocious, but seasons 10 and 11 are rather dark & artistic & beautiful too- not as dark as 1-5, tho 😉

      No, you just don’t see this sort of thing on TV anymore. I love it.

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          • Its still not as dark as the first season, and there’s more clarity in the images but I wouldn’t call it unusual since there are shows trying to emulate the look of that first season. And too many shows have that digital look right now.

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            • (Wait, are we still talking about SPN here? 🙂 )

              Oh, SPN has never reached the pitch-black darkness level of the first season. Not necessarily a bad thing- each season has its own look (some better than others- but that’s my opinion.)

              The digital thing pisses me off. Like- just look at a cap from season 2- compared to a cap from, say, s8- and it’s so noticeable. But I do think they’re getting better at that, to be fair. Mother’s Little Helper, for example, really looked like it was done on film. (Thanks, Misha.)

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          • But if you mean camera angles and stuff… then yes, its still an unusual show in that I haven’t really seen any other shows, of this type, filmed in the same manner. The camera styles make the show seem more expansive than it actually is, whereas other shows of this type come across as smaller and more intimate. Contrast this with shows like Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries.

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