beauty appreciation

going through caps; found this gem. it’s from ‘dead in the water’, d. kim manners.


how absolutely beautiful & ghostly. & symbolic. miss kim manners so much.


2 thoughts on “beauty appreciation

  1. Yeah, me too. I was watching some show he’d worked on some time ago, I think it was an old episode of the X-Files, and had a genuine moment of grief for him.

    You’ll forget how many wonderful shows he worked on until you’re sort of glancing through stuff and come across his name and remember he’s no longer with us. He left behind an awesome legacy, though.

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    • his work on the x-files is great. I’ve nearly finished season five- really enjoying it.

      & yes- honestly- a dear friend of mine dropped in earlier- & I answered the door & said to him, ‘you know, if I was able to resurrect one person in the world, it would be kim manners.’ & then half an hour ago I find THIS. so, naturally.

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