season twelve anticipation

So, the SPN team’s Season Twelve promo- i.e the only new promo of any importance- came out a few days ago. It’s completely eerie & gorgeous & unnerving.

Slotting into place right beside last season’s haunting/operatic Sacrificio. If you haven’t watched it, here you go.


Methinks these guys know what they’re doing. Thoughts? Excitement? Babble?


13 thoughts on “season twelve anticipation

    • No, I haven’t- might look that up!

      Yeah, I think he’s got the right idea. I read a quote from him- about how it’s easy to delight the fans by just ticking a few boxes at this stage- but how he doesn’t think that’s the way to let the show continue growing & developing. Similar to Singer’s ‘give them what they want in a way they don’t expect’. Very very cool. Plus Dabb did some EXCELLENT work in season 11.

      On the other hand: what the hell are Bucklemming doing in slot #2.

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        • Oh, they’ve come up with some doozies, sure. Soul Survivor, O Brother Where Art Thou, I like Blade Runners, there are truly excellent moments in I’m No Angel & Paint It Black. But after three out of four clinkers from them last season: no. I’m not prepared to defend them anymore.

          All In The Family, for instance. Amazing amazing stuff with Dean crying. But what the HELL did they do to Sam??

          So, yeah: they better sort themselves out. To be fair, they don’t usually show up as poorly as they did last season.


        • They seem to do best when handling themes of faith and duality, or when writing about predators. So I can see why All In The Family went to them last season, but man, did they screw it up.

          Also- and no judgement here, I’m a multishipper- but is it just me, or do they seem to be the only writers left on ‘Destiel duty’ now?


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