Supernatural In Review- The Vessel

*finally getting my act together*

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So, that was one hell of a trip. Must say, I’ve missed our excursions through time, so it was lovely to return to the past on Dean’s- Jesus, Dean’s fifth time-travel experience, if I just counted that right.

Screenshot (394)

It’s already become an item of note that this episode was particularly cinematic, for which I expect we can thank John Badham, who has directed several really nice-looking episodes for us now. The submarine sequences looked authentic- that slightly strained quality of light lending a subterranean quality- and the sets were exquisite (seriously, though, how much of their budget have they blown on this boat? Because it was super convincing.)

I shouldn’t be surprised, of course. This show may be little, but they’re great at creating worlds. Remember Frontierland? The mud, the sepia look, the rotten teeth? Or closer to home, the Roadhouse? The Bunker?
Over to the recap, anyway.
The opening…

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2 thoughts on “Supernatural In Review- The Vessel

  1. I’m finally catching up on Supernatural as I’ve vaulted from season 8 to 10. I don’t mind the spoilers, though, or I wouldn’t be reading you. It’s about the story. Besides, who hasn’t spent time as a demon or Lucifer in this series . . .


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