Speculation on Supernatural 11×10

The official synopsis: LUCIFER MAKES SAM AN OFFER — Now that he has Sam  in the cage with him, Lucifer offers Sam a way out but it comes with a steep price. Dean  and Castiel look into the angel smiting that could have killed Amara.

Which sounds kind of meh. And this has not been a meh season at all. Angel smitings? Is this really the time? Where’s the part where Dean rushes off to save his damsel Sam from Lucifer’s evil paws, huh? I can only conclude that it’s a deliberately misleading description- the CW is not exactly known for its efficiency when advertising this show, and the promo tells us, frankly, fuck-all.

So, I’ve gone back to the CW promo that was released before 11×01.

It’s not unreasonable to take from this that Unpleasant Things will be happening to Sam in the Cage. Mostly because some of the footage- the moment at 0:12, for instance- hasn’t aired yet.


Of course they could simply have decided not to use it, but it’s more likely that that footage was from a different scene entirely, as the eye-hooks aren’t present. (Um, this got quite dispassionately grisly. Believe me when I say that Sam is my smol sunshine and I wish for nothing to happen to him, except for things that will make Dean go off in a murderous protective rage. Thank you.)

There’s footage in the CW 11×10 promo that suggests Dean will be going to Billie for help- also not mentioned in the synopsis. And then of course we have JP himself saying that this and 11×09 are his favourites from this season for reasons of twists and turns.

Don’t worry, folks. And whatever the CW says, ignore them. They’re probably lying and if they’re not lying, they’re omitting, which is just as bad. Ask Season Four.


32 thoughts on “Speculation on Supernatural 11×10

  1. This was pretty much my reaction too: CW is just so consistently horrible/misleading when it comes to promoting SPN, I furiously analyze whatever footage they release and take the rest of it with a bag of rock salt.

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  2. They never tell us anything! Or if they do, it’s all the wrong stuffs. No really, it’s intentionally misleading so as to avoid any spoilerage and for that, I’m perfectly okay with. I’m not a fan of spoilers. A better synopsis perhaps would be: Crap is going to happen to both our boys. Buckle up. Wouldn’t it be something if they ever came out with a synopsis like that! Ha!

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  3. The latest rumour is that The Arrow’s Steven Amal is going to be in an episode of SPN that centers around Wrestlmania. We know that Dean was a champion wrestler as a teenager. He has showed his leg wrap around evil Charlie, so anything is possible in a one off episode, but CW come on! If it is true it is it an attempt to draw in Arrow watchers who seem to leave the CW once that show ends at 8:59. Not sure if this rumor has any legs as the PR department, I believe on purpose, puts out misleading promos. It will not be pretty for Sam, but he will get out of the Cage. Still think the angel plots are the weakest since whenever, but Cas needs some other amusement with his family(sarcasm). Let’s not forget that Crowley and Rowena have skin in the game as well. And of course, Dean. Now Amara is another question. She could easily upset the balance of the natural order for not only humans, but angels,demons, and bigger angel douches. It has not been a meh season to date, so let’s hope. JP also commented that much is addressed sooner rather than a season finale.
    Is it too soon to start nagging for season 12?

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    • I already checked that out and I wouldn’t put too much stock in it- the only grounds that article had was the fact that Amell tweeted a photo of himself watching SPN. I think a wrestling episode should be pretty funny (what’s the odds that one of the boys gets possessed and they have to wrestle it out?) Angel plots are boring as shit right now, though I liked the angel/demon bar conversation in 11×03.
      I’d say we should start nagging for s12 ASAP!

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  4. The entire season, is practically dragging even though the details are amazing. There hasn’t been progress until the mid-season finale but there was major headway with that. What they’re trying to do by keeping info out, I don’t know. The synopses for episodes are seriously obscure to say the least and that is annoying and also makes me nervous. If anything permanently happens to Sam, they’re going to have hell to pay.


  5. I agree, Sam has been through hell. I don’t understand where Dean is, he usually is right there for Sam.
    I thought all along this season that Sam was listening to Lucifer and not god. Please don’t hurt Sam again, just let him be.

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    • Hiya- back at last. Basically, mock exams + a very unpleasant computer virus. Should have review up tomorrow though. I loved the episode, actually- it was completely nuts, but I’m glad they’re giving Misha something to work with. Cas has been kinda meh for a while now.


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