Supernatural In Review- O Brother Where Art Thou?

My thoughts. At last.

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So first off, I’d like to establish that this review is going to be in no way rational or objective. (Are you really meant to be objective about SPN anyway? I don’t think so.) I’m going to have a little bitch about weird plot contrivances, but that aside, I thought it was kind of amazing.

And here’s why: despite my quibbles, which I’ll get to, this felt epic. It felt huge. The stakes are honestly high- and the ending had me upset literally for days. (I kid you not, I marched into my English class first period the next day and practically bawled out ‘SAM WINCHESTER IS BACK IN HELL.’)

The teaser was great. I love Emily Swallow as Amara- she’s ferocious and amoral and seductive, yet also strangely naive. Not naive in a bad way- like a wild animal.

Screenshot (241)Screenshot (242)

But in that first scene- that…

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4 thoughts on “Supernatural In Review- O Brother Where Art Thou?

  1. They really found some excellent actresses to play Amara as she evolved, grew, avatar’d.

    Poor Sam, he wanted so much to find benevolent help: to not need to make deals with one evil to battle a bigger evil. And for that he got suckered by the Father of Lies/Bringer of Light. Sam makes me think of the Soul Asylum song Runaway Train! and the line “this time I have really led myself astray.”

    It was a beautifully shot episode. I liked the cuts back and forth between Sam/Lucifer and Dean/Amara. Sam’s single man tear.

    Sam and Amara both looking for God: where is the bastard? Has He gone all Philip Pullman and decided to just die like some loser? What a douche to have as a prophet.

    Rowena getting wet for Lucifer, that’ll end well.

    Hey, I imagine that you have a holiday break coming soon. I hope you have a fun time.

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