If anyone has any idea, please speak up.

I. I’m actually at a loss for words. De-aged Crowley? But what about Rowena? Some kind of AU? I’m honest-to-God stumped.


34 thoughts on “If anyone has any idea, please speak up.

  1. I think the Christmas present is seeing Crowley, Rowena, and Lucifer in holiday get up, and these scenes are not actually part of the next episode. Thematically, the two are totally different – lit differently and obviously, Lucifer as Santa, Crowley in a onsie, and Rowena wearing a rudolph nose are pretty far out there. There’s also the 4th wall shattering Crowley holding up a Sam funko pop figure. Eps 9 and 10 are far too serious in subject matter to throw in a French Mistake-esque bit. Then again, you never know with this show.

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  2. It’s all about family. Witches, according to the lore, had sex with Lucifer to pump up their powers, then in return the witch would become a demon. Whose ya Daddy, Crowley? Think they would go there? It seemed as if Rowena had the hots for Lucifer…maybe they share a past or their is some fantasy involved. It could also be a false clip that the network sent out to get us off target of the big arc and Sam’s sojourn in the Cage. Maybe it is Crowley’s fantasy or someone else’s. Satan-Santa anagram. Leave it to public relations to wet our taste buds and then not offer more until January.

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  3. Somewhere on Tumblr I saw this with the caption (I paraphrase): “What other show would/could do this?”

    I mean, seriously: I have absolutely NO IDEA, but it’s a Dabb episode so I have faith it’ll all make sense somehow.

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