Discussion Thread: 11×9- O Brother Where Art Thou?

Well, that was. Intense. I think I’m in shock.


30 thoughts on “Discussion Thread: 11×9- O Brother Where Art Thou?

  1. I foresaw much of\ what happened based on the clues and Sam’s earlier behavior when he reacted to visions in season 2 and his belief in Housesofthe Holy.. Now we need Cas to get a handle on those angels. But it was done so beautifully that it all seemed new. I am without words… Will find them later in a review.

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      • My review is up. I feel ambiguous toward Amara. Is she really not pissed for a legitimate reason? Her explanation of religion for God’s sake,,,brilliant. Is her becoming ONE with Dean what must happen to combat Lucifer? Even when show is predictable-it is done in such a novel way that it re invents itself. I feel as confused as Dean with Amara and empathize with Sam in that Cage- his poor psyche- although this time he knows what is in store for him which makes it all the more sad- Castiel time for a sweep in- and will Castiel take on his brother to save his brothers. The ultimate cage fight.

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  2. I just watched it on my lunch break! It was awesome and very intense. I knew it wasn’t God giving Sam visions all along, I knew it was Lucifer. I mean it is only logical. When has God answered any of them and those visions seemed more related to Lucifer than anything.

    I love Lucifer’s sass in the episode. I could tell how he talked and looked that he had Sam where he wanted him. Though I felt really bad for Sam and what he must be going through. He is expressing ptsd from being faced with his abuser.

    Rowena I think only found how to bring Lucifer or summon him. I think Lucifer just played along to get to Sam. When he first showed up with red glowing eyes, he was a bit scary. Though he is very smart and manipulative.

    I don’t think the Darkness is dead. I still think Lucifer is the only one that can banish her again but not sure he will.

    The Darkness is acting like a spoiled brat who doesn’t get what she wants.

    Overall, awesome episode!

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    • I was willing to entertain the idea that it could be Lucifer, but I didn’t seriously think so. Jfc. And Jared was phenomenal- my heart just broke for Sam.
      Rowena definitely knows something.
      And the glowy eyes. Uuuuuuugh.
      Amara definitely isn’t dead. She’s in the promo for next ep. I love her 🙂

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  3. Jared did a FANTASTIC job. He and Mark Pellegrino have great chemistry…it was petrifying to watch!And so sad! However, SAM! What were you thinking? God speaks to no one but he is speaking to you? Have you been listening to this whole MOC thing? He took the Mark because his brother thought he was talking to God but he was taking to Lucifer ARGGGGGGGG

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    • Oh my god I KNOW. I think I was hyperventilating or something. This might actually be the most brutal thing SPN has ever done to a character?? But just. He looked like a hunted animal or something. That TEAR.


    • There are always clues in any great detective story. The writers of Supernatural hide them better than most. In retrospect, many times, we the viewer say,”oh yeah!, remember the line that so and so said back in season blahblah blah blah?” I knew from that line from young John with Sam in the car that is was not God, fire in a bush- too easy, especially Dean’s explanation actually made so much sense in the natural world and then of course, Pelligrino sightings and Cage pictures. But that line from Cain that Abel was talking to Lucifer, not God- ah how it all was a great set up. The writers must prepare for renewal years for story lines just in case. Or is it one big fan ship?

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