Kind of a public apology

So obviously the Just My Imagination review is still not up, mostly because Life has been grinding me into the dirt of late (I kid y’all not, I got accosted by a language teacher earlier and asked whether I was sleeping properly), but I am still around and I will review each episode. I’m even hoping to get a couple VS metas up over Christmas, so. Yay.

While we’re on the subject, what did you guys think of the last episode? Personally, I’m in love.


16 thoughts on “Kind of a public apology

  1. Very much love. Especially that mornings-in-the-bunker scene….I would have given the episode an A just for that, even if the rest of it was atrocious. Which it very much wasn’t. It was one of those episodes where I kept having cringe moments–that turned out awesome because they went in completely the opposite direction of what I was fearing. (SPN is the only show to do that to me on a regular basis–whenever I find myself saying “Oh, please don’t go in that direction”, they almost always wind up going somewhere else instead–and that somewhere else is usually funny/thought-provoking/utterly gutting in the best way possible.)

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    • Hook, I relate. I had a damn PANTHEON, the main one being a tiger called Silas (I was a shy little squirt and Silas was a great comfort when I had to pass older kids on the way to school). And it WAS silly but it was also so sad. Ugh. I haven’t digested it fully yet.

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  2. Very close to a 10 after the re-watch. I got the pathos and the humor. Well directed, written, acted, etc.If you don’t get to review it, not a sin and you won’t go to Hell for it, but we might be there for the next episode and certainly the episode as mid season finale will put us all through Hell until January when the second part of it is aired.

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