Supernatural In Review- Our Little World

What a season this has been so far.

Geek Girls Rising

There’s a lot to say about this episode. Of course, it’s a contribution from the writer of The Executioner’s Song and The Werther Project, so I’m really not surprised.

One very interesting thing about Season Eleven is that it’s cleaning up a lot of my greviances with past seasons- or specifically Season Seven. You all know my love affair with Six. That season ended with so, so much potential- Godstiel and the Cage trauma arc just coming into full flower- and then Season Seven chose to brush aside these arcs and drag the Leviathan in. Godstiel, who had the momentum to fuel the whole season’s plot, was ditched in the first episode. Sam’s Hell problems got crammed into five episodes, when the shadow of the broken wall had been looming for the whole of the previous season.

And Season Eleven seems to realise the missed opportunities offered by both these…

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