Supernatural In Review- Thin Lizzie

My review of Thin Lizzie. Very strong debut from Nancy Won.

Geek Girls Rising

This was the debut episode for new writer Nancy Won, and I liked it a lot. She clearly knows her lore- the continuity here was lovely.

First let me talk about the serial killer obsession thing (because I categorically refuse to call it a fetish, okay). That was brought in for the first time by our dear Mr Berens in The Executioner’s Song, in Season Ten- and now it’s being referenced back to. The fact that SPN are able to add in little details like this so late in the game- and make it seem completely organic- is one of the things that allows it to stay on the air.

Actually, I really liked Won’s depictions of the brothers the whole way through- lines like ‘I just wanted to see if the squeezy thing worked’ (said the billion-foot killing machine), for instance. Dean’s gentle response to Len suggesting he kill…

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