Discussion Thread: 11×5- Thin Lizzie

There’s a new writer in and this is their first episode, so it’ll be interesting to see how this goes down. (And SPN? You’d better play some actual Thin Lizzy.) Sorry about my complete absence from the blogosphere- been barraged with work on all sides. Anyway, you know how this goes. Everyone’s welcome, be polite, etc.


27 thoughts on “Discussion Thread: 11×5- Thin Lizzie

  1. No Thin Lizzy, but I still liked it, so I’ll refrain from crackin’ skulls. Definitely a strong start for the new writer. ‘I just wanted to see if the squeezy thing worked’, said the six-four killing machine. And lots of niiiiiiiice continuity this season. Eccentric guest stars give me life.


        • No hidden agenda here! I just find that if I watch with him I usual enjoy it more because I am not worrying about canon and all that stuff, just watching for enjoyments sake!

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          • Speaking of canon, there was some really nice continuity in this episode. I always love mentions of Le Soulless Arc 😀 and Sam’s serial killer thing that first came up in The Executioner’s Song, hehe.
            And Amara gets increasingly interesting. Well-cast, too.


                • It isn’t just that Sam was souless- he too was not forth coming but neither is unaffected Sam- he has trouble telling Dean about his latest infection and visions but he does so maybe that is his reimplanted soul. I think you are who you are and the soullesness just enhances that aspect. Len was still willing to do the right thing and Sydney had murder in her heart against people who had wronged her or wronged someone she cared about. Her soullessness just made her capable of acting on her desires. THis says something about serial killers in a way. Sam does have this fascination. Remember when he returned the souls to those poor bastards in season8/ Those folks acted out what they were not capable of doing when they had their souls. Of course they were not devoured and returned in tacked.

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                  • Yeah, that’s interesting. So soullessness simply removed inhibitions- whereas demonisation inverts your desires. It’s clearly not as simple as ‘Sam didn’t flip out because he’s nice’.


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  3. Its funny, I was reading some posters either here or IMDB that said there was too much exposition on who Lizzie was-doesn’t everyone know? My friend Val emailed me today she was very confused about the episode and she had NO IDEA who Lizzie was!

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