Supernatural In Review- Baby

So I LOVED Baby.

Geek Girls Rising

Baby didn’t feel like an episode of TV; it felt like a personal experience. We are there inside the Impala, watching foam drip over the windows, and, later, blood. Sam and Dean genuinely have fun during Baby, with Seger singalongs and hookups and remniscenses. Finally, this is an episode that fills in the gaps- we find out what goes on between the killing and the world-saving and the big emotional showdowns.

Screenshot (164)

If Fan Fiction was the counterpart to A Very Supernatural Christmas, this was the counterpart to Swan Song, which permeates more than just the flashbacks. We see the army men, the legos, the scratched S.W and D.W- now covered in blood and broken glass. Goddamn symbolism.

Screenshot (179)

Supernatural has an incredibly rich heritage- I guess having two hundred and twenty-something episodes does that- and this both expanded upon that and was completely steeped in it. Callbacks were everywhere- the ‘I…

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