House Of Whacks? *slow clap*

So I’m pretty sure that girl was in Hell House.


15 thoughts on “House Of Whacks? *slow clap*

  1. There is some serious investigate been done at the Lizzie location. Not just TV cheap stuff. One team had real detectives to investigate. They found blood of the father that had drained down into the substructure of the floor showing up as a white glowing pattern under their blood detectors

    Yes, Lizze is in the Supernatural agenda. All that happened in that household leading to the murders and the murdere themselves are a horror.

    Comments for you Wren since you are from Massachusetts:

    Considering the violence of the Indian wars, especially against the Iroquois, the extremely brutal French and Indian War, plus the Revolutionary War the land is covered in possible supernatural sites. It is easy to forgot how the land was settled in the 1600s and violence in that settlement pattern among Europeans was extreme. European and Native American culture was so much more primitive. Plus the wild beasts and savage weather, rocky farm land added to difficulty. One historian said if the eastern area had been settled last, the task would have proved too difficult and would have been abandoned.
    –Massachusetts farmers nailed wolves heads to the outside of church walls–vampirism was so feared to be spreading TB suspected corpses were dug up and mutilated with VAMPIRE carved on their tomb stones.

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