Discussion Thread: 11×4- Baby

The one we’ve all been waiting for. So this is probably unique in the annals of TV, as I was just saying to Bella- I’m trying to put the dumb CW promo out of my mind along with all the hype. Anyway, thanks again for being so lovely on the last thread, y’all, and I hope to see you here 🙂


11 thoughts on “Discussion Thread: 11×4- Baby

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  2. From opening scene to to the closing scene I WAS WATCHING REALITY BEING PLAYED OUT.

    Oh! Yes, 9 months from now there is going to be a swelling of the baby population among fans. Parents will have a neat story to tell youngsters how they got here.

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  3. Would you guys believe that this got rated higher than Swan Song on IMDB? I just went on there to look up the director (T.J Wright, btw. Wishing I’d held off on my meta about him now, I could have written about this.)


  4. They punked us! All the talk about Dean in shorts…and we didn’t get to see them! LOL

    Again, I was distracted with Baseball-but I will rewatch tonight. I was pleased with how much action we saw even though the story was relegated to inside Baby!

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    • Yes (and also, no post-coital Sam shoulders?) but we did get that awesome shot from the INSIDE of the Impala of all the foam dripping over the windows. My geek heart is thumping. SO AMAZING. This has immediately been relegated to #3 on my Top Ten list.

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  5. I loved this episode, and upon rewatching it, I am in love with it. So well done on so many levels. And it managed to have it all without overdoing it and with the main story arc in-line. Thank you show!!!!!

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    • Wasn’t it wonderful? Those fight scenes- goddamn. Cas rambling away on the phone while Dean gets jumped by the ghoulpire or whatever. Sam hooking up for the first time since Amelia. Bob Seger. Laughing Winchesters. Oh, and AMAZING cinematography. And Matt friggin’ Cohen!

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