Supernatural In Review- The Bad Seed

My review of The Bad Seed. Enjoy. Comment. Etc.

Geek Girls Rising

So far, the thing that’s surprised me most about this season is how funny it is. I mean, we’ve got our fourth apocalypse incoming, Dean encountered a soul-eating baby, Sam was infected with a zombie virus, Cas turned into an attack-dog. Yet the show’s here joking about mega-covens and- ahem- “Uncle Crowley“.

This episode opened with Rowena and her Mega-Coven plot (facepalm). I love Rowena. She’s apparently, as of today, the woman with the most appearances on the show. In the teaser, one of the unimpressed witches was the lady from Crossroad Blues who got mauled by a hellhound, just so you know.


Then we have chained-to-the-bunker-floor Cas (and come to think of it, how, exactly, did they work that? Was there already a hook in the floor? Did they install one or something?) No doubt there is somewhere a sector of whiney Cas fans moaning about how…

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