Discussion Thread: 11×3- The Bad Seed

This’ll be JA’s fifth try at directing, and since I loved what he did with Soul Survivor, I’m pretty psyched. Plus: Rowena. Thanks once againย for being so polite on the last thread, everyone- hope to see you all here.


42 thoughts on “Discussion Thread: 11×3- The Bad Seed

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      • Not yet buddy, been too busy with stuff. I worked last night and my back was killing me after my shift so I went to bed. Been busy with the Winchester book all day, still writing stuff up on the Impala. I promise to watch it tonight. I have looked on the board and its all doom and gloom. They hated it. The mad duo put pen to paper and they really get worked up when they write an episode. I must admit though that Jensen could do with a better script when he directs because he’s always so damned good when his episodes are on. Remember last season Soul Survivor and the cat and mouse chase in the Bunker!! I guess he understands their writing now too. Jim Michaels said he had a difficult job directing the young actress but has been widely praised. So good for him! Catch ya later I swear!!!

        B xx

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        • Your Crowley post was fascinating. Hey, don’t let the IMDB people get you down- I quite liked the episode. It was a little over-plotty, but very funny. I cannot STAND all the Buckner & Leming hate that goes round- I find it so rude and unfair. They’ve done some awful episodes, but also great ones- Soul Survivor? Blade Runners?
          The young actress was great ๐Ÿ™‚ see you!
          Wren xxx


          • The most annoying part is they hate it before they see it and then god forbid they change their minds-just like Fan Fiction-they hated it from the first mention it would be musical-ish and never gave it a chance cause it wasn’t what THEY WANTED the writers to do.

            I can’t say I HATE any episode except bloodlines and hate is too strong for that one even!

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            • YES YES YES. I refuse to go near them- they annoy the hell out of me. Bigoted morons. I mean, Fan Fiction is perhaps the most important episode ever in terms of how far we’ve come.
              And Bloodlines is pretty bloody dreadful, I’ll give you that.

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          • There was a lot I enjoyed. I liked the use of mirrors and have written an article on mirrors on the blog. I love their effective use in communication. What stories mirrors could tell in the Supernatural universe!! I love Rowena I think she is a hoot. The car seen in The Impala just rocked, whoops Sammy, Deano isn’t very pleased with you, now he knows via Rowena’s big gob!! Secrets between the brothers, Carver I thought you said that was gonna change, my foot!! I loved how Rowena new it was Dean driving the taxi, and threw him against the wall and Sam came to his rescue.

            I also loved the brothers both saying NO to Rowena’s questions about the sing along, and there is no trust in this relationship!!

            I did make 4 pages of notes, and thought the one-liners from Crowley were just awesome so the duo know now how to write humour and keep Crowley on form, I will give them a point for that!

            ~Sam saying Crowley is a dick to Dean and Cas in the bunker was so funny. The boys thinking that Cas’s yellow pimp car which Metatron stole is crappy didn’t amuse Cas. Cas believe me when I say this, its a pile of crap!! Yellow on a car, just yuck!

            I liked the interactions between the two demon actors in the bar, saying somethings big, something’s changing. But what, and what do they sense?

            God had locked Amara away, but why. She must have been so naughty for God to lock her away. He just wouldn’t do that on any whim would he?

            I loved how Misha stole his scenes when being possessed by the dogs spell. I really have to give him full marks lately. Last week and those fight scenes were so impressive and this week with trouble handling those visions. He was really suffering.

            I noticed that scene about the child Amara reading the book of Dante’s inferno, rather than wanting to read a child’s cute and fluffy story book. What’s the emphasis behind that book. Why is she reading that particular book, can she see something in the future others don’t?

            On the whole I enjoyed it, but not on par with last weeks. I love Witches in general any way as they are so creepy with those hex bags planting them on people. I would give this a firm 8 out of 10. Role on next week for the ‘Baby’ episode can’t wait. I hope Robbie has some laughs in there!!

            B xxx

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            • Whoo, Bella! And yes- mirrors in SPN are a huge huge thing.
              I think RE the brothers keeping secrets that WILL change- but it can’t happen overnight. There has to be a process. We’re only on episode three, after all. Maybe that’ll make up the interior journey this season.

              As for Buckner & Leming being able to write humour/Crowley- they always have! They can be hit and miss at times, but think of Blade Runners. Junkie Crowley stealing candy.

              I do hope Cas gets the Pimpmobile back (btw, when the hell did that become the accepted term??)

              And yes, Misha was great. Not easy to pull off, but he did it.

              As for Dante’s Inferno, you know it describes a man’s journey into Hell? There’s a chapter on each circle of Hell, I believe. Could be significant- perhaps it’s just the writers having fun.
              And I agree- enjoyable, definitely, but not up there with Form & Void. I love Rowena too, btw. I don’t go in for ratings, but in the context of the rest of SPN, I’d probably give this about a 6.5. (Though Form & Void would be a solid 9).
              I cannot WAIT for Baby. So freakin excited. I’m on half-term now, too- just saw Crimson Peak last night- it contained our very own Jim Beaver. The whole thing was brilliant.

              Judging by the promo, Baby’ll be funny as well ๐Ÿ™‚ glad you aren’t letting the IMDB folks change your mind. I’ll also try and have a Top Five post up later ๐Ÿ™‚
              Wren xxx


              • If not for Misha’s Cas, the episode would have been lower than i scored it. This writing duo often misses the mark or at least leaves me thinking- what were they thinking? Crowley is delicious, but most of the other humor fell flat for me. See my commentary elsewhere on the SamandDeanbrothersinArms, supernaturallydevoted blog. Here comes “BabY”. Hoping it is a good one.

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