Supernatural In Review- Form And Void

Here’s my Form And Void review.

Geek Girls Rising

As I was saying to Barb the other day, they might as well rename everything past Season Five ‘How Much Can We Beat Up Sam Today?’. This week, the pretty of Misha Collins notwithstanding, Cas actually trumped Sam on the beat-up scale.

But hey. I’m being mean. I actually loved the episode.

The first thing I noticed- and this was evident in the recap for the premiere, too- is that SPN has gone back to using that creepy sped-up effect, like they used to often do with ghosts. I like it. It gives a weird Japanese-horror-film effect, and it’s imaginative. Too many fantasy stories rely heavily on CGI (that said, I can’t wait for Crimson Peak to come to UK cinemas. Guillermo del Toro always gets a pass).

But the teaser for the episode was great, cutting between zombie-dude and Sam’s hands as he puts together a taser from hardware…

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