Discussion Thread: 11×2- Form And Void

Gear up for extreme Sam whumpage. And Cas doesn’t seem to be having much fun in the promos either. Anyway, I reiterate the rules from the previous thread: criticism = fine. Bitching = not fine. Everyone here last week was lovely, so thanks for that. Hoping to see a couple other people here too this time (yes, Bella, that means you).

Anyway, I’ll be reviewing the episode tomorrow for Geek Girls Rising.

58 thoughts on “Discussion Thread: 11×2- Form And Void

  1. If you didnt see the episode stop reading now!

    Holy cow-I have to digest this. We found out a lot.. OMG exorcist Crowley!
    When Jenna says they sent an exorcist my husband and I looked at each yeh right just like that and then-Crowley! Of course LOL
    Poor Castiel! Poor Hannah! I thought she was in charge of heaven?
    The Darkness/baby is a soul eater!
    Was the reaper a message from God? I need to rewatch. Oh and would Dean be able to kill her as a baby? I don’t think so! I am glad they are aging her. Way to go Sam curing everyone. Its funny, I thought they made it very obvious that Dean was taking the holy oil last episode and then I forgot about it till y husband said where did he get that? Dean, always prepared!

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      • I said the very same thing….creepily just like Lilith. The soul eating, crazy thought here, but I imagine when God created man, he used just a tiny bit of his essence /qui/soul to create man. Maybe that is why God placed mankind above his other creations, gave them free will, loved and forgave them, watched over them, even preferred living amount them; mainly because mankind IS a true, pure extension of himself, not a experiment like all the others. After all his other spectacular devine achievements, and the epically complete failures. God knew the imperfections and the unknown, unlimited choices given to his last and long strived for accomplishment of creating something with tje potential of Life, a real life.

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      • Wren, I thought the same, VERY Lilith and remember the amazon kid, with the baby growing up, Dean’s child, how quickly she grew up. So Crowley was rounding up humans to feed her, but why?

        BTW you’re link is working for me this week, just watched it!!

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        • Yay Bella, you got to watch it!

          I think he is feeding her souls to have her grow up-I think Crowley thinks she will be his ally (poor deluded Crowley) if he helps her grow up. I really don’t think so though.

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            • Crowley has always dreamed big, since he’s become the King of Hell by de-facto, he seems to think he’s invincible. Even now he feels the power and age of this Darkness, his mind is just whirling with the possibilities of a very powerful ally that would give him complete autonomy. The problem is he doesn’t fully consider all outcomes. The Darkness is what “Turned” and brought Down Lucifer, the second most powerful Archangel of Heaven. It was only entrapped by God and all 4 Archangels after a Long drawn out battle, so how does he think he could gain It’s alliance and cooperation into working with him?
              Crowley keeps harping about being the Guy’s lapdog or sidekick, but I think he just likes that he is never bored with their company, also there’s the added bonus that everyone in Hell know both Winchester’s are sorta/kinda his Ace’s up his sleeve. The renowned, deadly and feared Hunter’s in the world are your semi friendly, many times your grudging companions. They are something that keep many of his detractors and competitors at bay. Keep your friends close, but having these enemies closer is much more fun. As much as he whines about the guy’s and their treatment of him; he Absolutely LOVES that he can say he is a known as a semi-compatriot on Team Winchester to one and all. The Darkness is ageless, very powerful and without any constraint, It can and will kill him.

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              • I think he has a sort of weird affection for the Winchesters. He’d probably love it if he went to French Mistake’verse and found out he was next to Team Free Will on the cast list. He’s so awful- but he genuinely doesn’t want to Winchesters to get hurt.


      • The Darkness /woman Dean saw I believe IT chose that form to please, maybe even persuad him into not stuffing IT back in the cage. The reason for the infant was because It knows Dean would never intentionally kill, harm or act against a innocent child. Dean will protect and kill anything trying to harm defenseless child. Though It/ Amara is not without infinite power or the use of them, even as a newborn infant it was able to use intellect, power and strength to make its wishes known.
        The guise it’s using to enchant and entice Dean to let it be is very cunning and just shows how it is not above using his own strengths and virtues against him. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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  2. I’m obsessed with Billie the Reaper. Her voice and O Death floating out there in the hospital halls. Great character intro. When she begins to speak to Sam her face is completely in darkness and she is sooooo ambiguous. “You know what I am” and Sam says a reaper but she never confirms. Refers to the “old Death”. Does that mean there is a new Death already? I think there is a hidden agenda with her aka Ruby or Lilith.


    • Hello! And oh, god, SAME- that was gorgeous. The whole thing with her face being in darkness- that could never have happened in s7. I’m so enjoying 11. I’ve been singing O Death ever since Wednesday- that key change. Amazing. I love that they still have the power to do this sort of thing and it never gets old.
      I like that the ‘old Death’ thought it was funny. Hehe.

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