Discussion Thread: 11×1- Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire

So here’s the deal: after you watch the episode, this is a space for venting and applause. Criticism is fine, wankery not. If you’re new here, mazel tov and welcome.

I’ll be replying to all comments as soon as possible. Meanwhile- looking forward to the premiere.


85 thoughts on “Discussion Thread: 11×1- Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire

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        • Well, it wasn’t really a LIVE viewing haha… um… basically I got up at six a.m and found the episode on a probably illegal website. But yeah, I really enjoyed it. I was so worried it’d suck.


          • I personally have never thought an episode sucked…maybe not great or disappointing, but I am always somewhat entertained. Even if its just by the “pretty” of the J’s lol

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            • Well, I have to say, I have like 4 episodes on my suckage list- Bloodlines, Bugs, Heartache and Man’s Best Friend- but yes, the pretty is highly diverting.

              Jeez louise. How much more are they going to beat Sam up?


              • “Well, I have to say, I have like 4 episodes on my suckage list- Bloodlines, Bugs, Heartache and Man’s Best Friend- but yes, the pretty is highly diverting”
                Well 4 out of over 200 is a pretty good record! You dislike the same ones I do-although I don’t really hate Bugs……

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                • I find Bugs entertaining… the only one I actually hate is Bloodlines, but I think we had that conversation.

                  And 4 out of 219- not bad!

                  Though Paint It Black was pretty sucky too. Still, at least it had the awesome confession scene. And Route 666 isn’t exactly the strongest episode ever.


                  • “Route 666 isn’t exactly the strongest episode ever.”
                    Any episode with Dean having sexy time is a good one on my estimation -oh that was pretty shallow wasn’t it!?

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                    • If you’re shallow, so are the writers- it was blatantly obvious that the whole episode was just so Dean could get his rocks off with Cassie. But the truck! The truck! Revving menacingly at its victims! I rewatched it with my friend Ibby recently and we were SOBBING with laughter.


                    • I think it could have been scary (Christine was scary!) but fell short. I like dthat Dean loved her so much he told her the family secret-ah young innocent naïve Dean….


        • //I like dthat Dean loved her so much he told her the family secret-ah young innocent naïve Dean….//

          Yeah- Cassie herself too. She’s largely disliked, I gather, but I like her. I wish they’d mention her again.


  2. I thought the premiere was really good. I loved that Sam challenged Deans approach to the situation at the hospital and Dean could listen. Dean still seems generally ‘agitated’ to me– like he was with the Mark. Why is he not telling Sam about his ‘conversations’ with the Darkness? I mean, he did tell her he met her, but what about the rest? I know Sam didn’t tell Dean he was infected either, but I wonder if he thought he’d be dead before Dean reached him? Have to do a rewatch!

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    • This here is what I think I’m fed up with between Dean and Sam. Why don’t they just tell each other?! That’s also a big part of that “if we keep doing this, things are just going to repeat themselves” speech that Sam gave to Dean. They need to stop it with the secrets. But also the biggest part is that Dean is probably gonna be difficult when it comes breaking the co-dependency. He’s more dependent on Sam than Sam is on him [for different reasons any way]. If Sam told him he was infected, they probably would’ve had Dean abandoned Jenna and Amara at the gas station and high tail it back to Sam. Which is defying the writers’ logic and intentions. They keep treading the line, like oh, yeah, let’s break this, wait, nope, nope take a step back we can’t do that, we’d lose the essence of the show. Honestly, the wouldn’t lose the essence of the show if they could somehow get Sam & Dean (especially Dean) to learn how to see outside themselves and know THAT IT IS OKAY to have others in their lives to turn to. And not for nefarious reasons that pit the brothers against each other. You know eventually Sam can have someone to romantically turn to. Dean has had Cas for various reasons since season 4…

      I just think it’s time to cross that line and finally have them tell each other the TRUTH. No secrets. No holding anything back. Just go for it and slowly but surely I think they’d be back on the same side, but also knowing that they can have others out there. [I know, I know you’re thinking most of those others are dead] This is also what Sam meant. Most of the time the fact they cannot see outside of each other is what gets those people killed, therefore they need to learn to break that. Sam noticing this is already a step. Dean however is gonna be the harder nut to crack.

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      • Well- all the Sam and Dean stuff is really what I’m sticking around for. I mean, we’re all fans for different reasons, and that’s fine, but would I be right in guessing that the main reason you’re here if for Cas and Dean’s relationship? And there’s nothing wrong with that- but it’d account for your frustration at the show’s persistence in examining the minute inner workings of the brother relationship. And that’s what I’m watching for- so of course I’m satisfied. I think the reason I liked the ep so much was that to me it felt like a breakthrough with the brothers.


        • ” And that’s what I’m watching for- so of course I’m satisfied. I think the reason I liked the ep so much was that to me it felt like a breakthrough with the brothers.”

          THIS ^ is how I feel as well

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        • I wouldn’t call Dean and Cas’s relationship my main reason for sticking around. Honestly, I’m sticking around no matter what, but I do agree with you that there was a breakthrough with the brothers in 11×01. I saw it, but it seems they’re still treading the water with it, as if they very apprehensive heading in that direction…but the question I have to you is how do you view this breakthrough? I saw it as a step towards them looking outside of one another and being OKAY with having others as part of them (which has been a hurdle, mainly because they cannot keep those people alive for reasons)…

          It’s just I saw it as this way of finally them learning to be brothers still,but accepting that they can have others to turn if needed (plus, the encompassing everyone as part of the saving).

          Also I am not saying that Sam and Dean need to be separated from each other, I’m just saying I want them to see each other as independent people who happen to be brothers and sometimes they may not always agree and this doesn’t mean we continue on with secrets and lying.

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          • Well, I think the reaction of a lot of people was that nothing’s changed, they are STILL lying to each other- but this is only the premiere. This isn’t the whole breakthrough, it’s the first indication of one. I think they’ll remain a unit, they’ll be just as joined at the hip, but they’ll be at a point where, say, Dean would let Sam jump into the pit. Bc that would no way have happened at the end of s10.


            • True. I see that. I get that. Dean getting back to that trust in Sam. He even still had apprehension at Sam’s plan to be bait…so I think I see what you mean.

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            • “This isn’t the whole breakthrough, it’s the first indication of one.”

              I agree. You can’t have their ingrained relationship change in one episode/day! Just the fact that Dean let Sam lure the Rabids away was a step in the right direction!

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          • “It’s just I saw it as this way of finally them learning to be brothers still,but accepting that they can have others to turn if needed (plus, the encompassing everyone as part of the saving). ”

            Exactly! They can have friends separate from each other and still have a great-maybe better-sibling relationship. I hope that’s the direction they are going.But they are both already lying by omission-Dean didn’t tell Sam everything about the Darkness and Sam didn’t tell Dean that he is infected….it never turns out well!

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  3. I hope it doesn’t sound as if I am defending Carver, but taking on the 1st episode is always a pain I would think. Introducing new and/or hashing out the story lines…several of them as we can see. Honestly, I’m perturbed by what they might do with Dean and the Darkness. But being that she is the baby Amara, this icksnays a romantic subplot right? I get it, every single monster/demon/creature usually flirts with Dean Winchester, but really? Was it necessary to get all sexy-like in order to explain they’re bonded?

    I have this sort of “what in the hell is going on?” attitude towards it right now. I just hope it all pieces together and they surprise me. Of course, I am not too happy to see that Amara might be age accelerating. Really?

    Tbh, I don’t think this was Carver’s best work. He had some Grade A shit in season 5 and 8, but this was…like I said I’m not even sure what the hell happened. I hope this doesn’t sound like hate, I am merely trying to weed through it because what the hell?

    I think my favorite parts though, were Sam’s speech about them needing to break this “saving each other” crap. They need to start seeing passed each other and back to the saving of all people. Etc Etc. And the phone call between Dean and Cas, eventually Sam on speaker. But still the phone call yes!

    I am sort of meh when it came to the stuff about Crowley. I was like okay he escaped by smoking out, when’s he getting back to the visage of “Mark Sheppard?”

    I actually missed the stuff about the cage until I got on Tumblr. Then I thought. Oh shit I wasn’t really paying attention. Eek. I’m all for the archangels return. This means Gabriel too, but also I’m still not even sure I get what’s going on. And I know you’re not supposed to in the first episode, but I ask again what in the hell happened?

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    • Hi 🙂 I think we’ve arrived at a difference of opinion- I really enjoyed it. I’d have no problem with Dean and Darkness lady having a romantic subplot- of course it helps that I don’t ship Dean romantically with anyone, but I thought Emily Swallow was great.
      And no, it doesn’t sound like hate- you clearly haven’t enjoyed it much is all. We’re all bound to see the show differently after all.
      I’m with you on Sam’s speech. Loved that. And yeah- the phone call was nice- I don’t ship it, but I enjoy their chemistry (on Sassy and Destie sides).
      Haha, I loved the Crowley stuff. I knew Mark Sheppard was sticking around, so I could just sit back and have fun. Menopausal Crowley? Like- what? I found it so funny.
      Hmm, I’m not so sure the archangels will return. Maybe- maybe it was just a callback. I’d like to see them again, but I won’t get worked up about it.
      Shame you had such a bad experience- I thought it was a strong opener. What did you think of Brother’s Keeper?


      • I was actually also in the meh department on Brother’s Keeper. It’s as if I can see on the horizon that Carver (maybe other writers too) are trying to break the brother’s co-dependency, but then again it’s the fall back…so I guess I can see that being their hurdle to jump over. And seemingly enough we get a little bit of that in 11×01 with Sam’s speech, using the saving of Dean as an example of what they do. Save each other at the expense of everyone else- albeit they’re usually unwittingly doing it, but still.

        I don’t want to sound like a stubborn Destiel shipper, but I’m firmly against anything with Dean and the Darkness. But it also just doesn’t come down to him and Castiel. It’s also the fact that it looks as if The Darkness is the BABY. I don’t care if she’s some ancient million year old being. It starts out as a baby, maybe turns into a early 20s and then the true visage that Dean was privy to at the beginning of the episode. I am really not looking forward to an age acceleration plot for the Darkness.

        Maybe I had my hopes set t0o high as usual. But I really kind of hoped that we could battle something that remained intangible, rather than something conveniently packaged into what looks like a human vessel. I wanted something that the Winchesters couldn’t shoot, kick, punch or really damage in any way- I guess this would mean them using more magic or something to fight it. Find a way to make another lock and key to put it back where it came from.

        And yet there’s the inference that the Darkness is the Mark personified. She’s the embodiment of the Mark and blah, blah, blah, something something Dean did this-sorry, I guess I really didn’t enjoy this episode. It kinda really hurts me that I didn’t.

        During the episode, I got up to get my mother (see occasionally watches with me) and I some food, and she goes, “whoa you’re getting up while it’s still on.”

        “I go yup, I am because this shit between Sam and Dean, I’m getting a bit fed up with it. Like I have no idea what’s going on right now. Maybe I’m just here for Cas and a little bit of Crowley.”

        And honestly, unless they piece this together and surprise me, I’m probably gonna continue on with this “meh” feeling. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching, because well my faith in the show and the love I have for the cast {some more than the others *coughs* Castiel/Misha Collins} isn’t broken. But I just really wasn’t all the impressed with 11×01.

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    • “but I ask again what in the hell happened?”

      I think we are supposed to be confused-if I recall correctly TPTB said not to have a final opinion on the season until we see the first TWO episodes…

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