Clearly My Shelving Situation Is Acute.

2015-09-20 20.16.22

2015-09-20 20.15.10

2015-09-20 20.15.21

2015-09-20 20.15.43

2015-09-20 20.15.59

2015-09-20 20.16.12

2015-09-20 20.25.09


30 thoughts on “Clearly My Shelving Situation Is Acute.

  1. Lots of great books there! I got to the point where my books were taking over my life. I started giving away a book after i read it. Just didn’t have the space!

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  2. I ran out of shelf space a long long time ago. I have most of my books in a storage space in the attic in boxes and crates. From time to time I remember to buy some of these books in book format, which is something I’m working on, so I get rid of so many. Since I bought the Kindle I haven’t bought a book in some years, but I still acquire a few because people like to give them to me, when they know what I like. I’m planning now on donating them to prisons, and Veterans hospitals, since I heard they all desperately need books.

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  3. I feel like I need to go take photos of my shelves, but i’m just too tired to do so tonight.
    But i’ve got those floor to ceiling shelves and last i counted there was about 450 books in that collection.
    Thats my winter bedroom…
    My current bedroom/office needs shelves, but there’s books all along my desk, atop dressers and tables, and stacked up from the floor.
    it really is a terrible addiction, but I do enjoy it.

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