Season Infinity: A Defence

Yeah, I know. I need to avoid comment threads (and Tumblr, and IMDB, and basically every uncivilized, grammatically dubious fan forum out there). Because this is another bitch about unfanly fans.

I have no idea how many times I’ve scrolled down a SPN comment thread to see something to the effect of ‘this show has gone on way too long to be any good’. In fact I believe there was a recent Twitter uproar when some fuckwad said that ‘if Padalecki hung himself, we at least might not get any more seasons of Supernatural’. Which I’m not even going to respond to.

Now, I’m all for freedom of opinion. My problem lies with the people who are dead set on the ideas that a) any show running to ten seasons is ‘too long’ and should be burned for witchcraft, and b) the people who insist that, because said idea is clearly a universal rule, THEY are right. These are the people who tend to get pissy at the very idea that other people think different things to them.

Newsflash: this isn’t North Korea. Opinions are legal. I’m sure that many are the beings who dream of an Earth inhabited only by genetic clones of themselves, where everyone thinks, speaks and defecates in unconscionable unison. Unfortunately these people will always exist, but they tend to be whiney and easily ignorable; they are only really dangerous when they rise to power.

If so ignorable, why am I writing this? Easy: I’m an irritated sixteen-year-old with snide tendencies. But this is also a warning.

Don’t become one of those people. It’s surprisingly easy; I’ve watched it happen to people I’ve known and liked. You are allowed your opinions, whether on Supernatural Season Seventeen or Michael Gove, and you’re allowed to argue those opinions. Of course there are limits- which is where so-called opinions become actually harmful to others- but that’s generally referred to under misogyny, racism, homophobia, so on and so forth.

But this is a TV show we’re dealing with. Anything, short of insulting the lead on Twitter, goes. If you think it should have ended at Season Five? Turn the TV off and go read a goddamn book if it bothers you that much. Just don’t tell other people that they’re wrong for having a different opinion. Arguing’s fine, but there’s a difference between that and laying down the law.


191 thoughts on “Season Infinity: A Defence

  1. II so agree with you. I had a long rant typed and I decided not to post it except to say: if you don’t like a show don t watch it and don’t go to the message board for that show, we don’t want or need your depressing views about a show we love. And if you think a show should have ended 2 years ago-STOP WATCHING.

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  2. First off, I totally agree with all of this. And when you start reaching the point of even jokingly talking about someone hanging themselves and/or any physical harm then you’ve crossed a line. Oh, and by the way you just made me feel old. You’re only 16?! I am not judging, but really? Did I read that right?

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  3. First off, I really enjoyed the rant. I so agree. Though in fairness our huge SPN fan base are nefarious at hijacking posts on Tumblr that have nothing to do with SPN. Which I admit is Eff’n hilarious, especially when some find a new level of pisstivity. 😅
    Second, You used a nono word….Hahaha! Third…FRUCK THEM! Their just jealous cause their moronic one season show belly flopped in shark infested waters.

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    • Haha, thanks. And I actually find the SPN-hijack Tumblr memes hilarious too lol.
      As for the nono word, several hours ago I was forced to stand up in front of my Eng. Lang class and give a presentation on the etymology of the word ‘fuck’, so I’m pretty lenient at the moment 😛
      And lol yes.
      And yep, sixteen! (Don’t mind me. I just read a lot of books.)

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          • I know you do, it’s my hang up…I was on boards that wouldn’t allow Any derogatory, religious connotations or even slang words that would be considered impolite. Thinking of inventive phrases and word’s to get around the MOD’s or built in censure was a was a pain in the asss-k me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies.

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              • No, lol. I was a good girl and minded my P&Q’s. They closed down the one community message board, another was canceled since show was over, one I just lost interest in all together. Several others just petered out. This is the only one at the moment I use. I like constructive, friendly debate, I don’t like most sites where they’re impossible to interact with. Having a opinion is fine but getting upset that others do not share your view, having a cyber snit and virtually storming off is repulsive. In other words I don’t venture where those children are. I never commented on IMDb, looking at some thread’s made my hackles rise, so I kept my opinions to myself. Here I found people with like mind’s…so I’m comfortable and enjoy the conversations.


    • How the hell do you enjoy going on Twitter? I have an account and I NEVER use it or read it.
      I Loathe the limited characters. I’m definitely not into the atrocious whatever you’d call that crap, that passes for the English language. ( I only read and write in English so any other language is foreign to me)

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  4. Its interesting how people who are the most vocal about how much SPN sucks are almost always guys. I have met one guy (a Black nerd) who is really hyped about the new season and I like talking about it with him. I haven’t met any women who think it sucks, although I’m sure they’re on the internet.

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  5. I’m going to give the same advice I gave Bella. You guys have got to stay away from IMDB. I know it must be addictive or something because she won’t stay away no matter how much it upsets her and I wish it didn’t, so she could just enjoy being a fan with other fans. But there are too many toxic people there.

    When your’e a fan of something, you shouldn’t have to put up with other people ragging on it. I know how it feels to have something you really enjoy, get dragged by people who make not the slightest effort to understand why you like it.

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    • Preach, girl. Y’all listen to Ikeke. A couple weeks ago I went on the IMDB forum page- I didn’t even go on any threads- but the thread titles alone put me in a bad mood all day. There was one bitching about Sam (which, NO.) There was one entitled ‘american horror story is a better show than supernatural’. Like, if you’re going to be a little bitch, at least be grammatically correct about it.


  6. Put it this way, they only come on the Supernatural board to wind us up.,. No other reason than to cause unnecessary trouble. I post on there because I love the knowledge other posters have, Its the only real place I go to on the net, and this may sound corny, but it feels like home to me. I have tried to walk away from the place but can’t. I guess its too in my blood to walk away and leave my friends behind. I have found a niche over there and even though they dislike Sam I can get both sides of the coin. I also go onto The Winchester Family Business because it is Sam bias and can get a feel from both sides, IMDb is pro Dean heavy, and they can be very nasty towards Sam, and has upset me many times. But some how you learn to grow a thick skin, and try and see both sides. I love Sam with everything I’ve got and have always seen why he has made those choices and strives to change because of those choices. Even though on IMDb they rarely give him any shadow of doubt. Its always black where Sam is concerned, He’s the one that never apologies for his actions, or does anything good, even when he does.

    As far as those threads go, IMDb has a front page for every TV show out there and in the past. So anyone can come onto the Supernatural board and post a stupid thread like Can I get started?
    Is season 11 the last one?, How many more seasons does this show have in it? But then you also get very thoughtful posts that get people really do engage into a conversation and it really does kick in. Sometimes it can go off on a tangent, but mostly the are intelligent threads full of knowledge. But I know what you mean Wren, it does bug you, but over the years I’ve just turned a blind eye to it. And just read what interests me and perks up my attention.

    B xxx

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  7. Off-Topic: This is a very confusing layout for the comment section… It’s barely possible to follow the conversation…

    On-Topic: I never understood how people cannot differentiate between actor and character. All the hate and death threats they receive for things their characters do is just awful and in a way utterly ridiculous. I just don’t get, why people feel the need to do something like that…

    Though I think part of this problem is that if you have a dislike for a person/actor they associate all those bad things with their character(s). E.g. I for one could not tell you if I don’t like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as actors, because I don’t like their way of acting or because I dislike them from the titbits the media feed us about them – though I’d like to think it’s the former…
    On the other hand: If you dis/like a character that can also leave a mark on your view of the actor and his other roles. In case of actors I enjoy watching in one show/movie I like to look at their other stuff to get a broader opinion of them – which I probably should do with the two aforementioned guys too at some point… – and possibly people with less defined opinions then put these feelings onto the actors and the lines blur…
    Still don’t understand, how they can be so anti-social/uncontrolled/whatever to threaten them…

    As I don’t want to add my thoughts into the monstrosity that this comment thread has become and basically don’t know which comment I need to reply to anyway:
    In our local Fandom group there is one guy that really likes Sam – cosplayed him a few times – and a few other male watchers. We had several discussions about the show on different meetings, about different topics.
    It’s also interesting that the show itself until Fanfiction has displayed the “fan” as male – with exception of Becky of course…

    And technically should the show have ended with Season 5. 😉
    But the majority of us doesn’t mind that it got green lit for more Seasons and the shows finale got re-written for that. 😀

    P.S. I hope your page doesn’t eat the comment like it did when I commented on your re-blog the other day…

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    • Yeah, it’s organised most recent first… I honestly haven’t got a handle on blog layouts yet. (I quit ICT aged thirteen after I got a U.)
      And I absolutely agree. It’s sickening to see actors get victimised for doing their jobs.
      I’ve got a guy friend who’s a SPN fan- I believe he feels a kinship with Sam. Anyway, he’s a very polite fan. My dad’s also big on it.
      I often wonder why that was. I mean, I really like The Real Ghostbusters, but… they knew their fanbase was mostly female. Luckily it was rectified with Fan Ficion. Still: an oversight?
      Re SHOULD- I wouldn’t say that, but of course it was planned to. But the original plan was to stop after three seasons. But s6 and s10 are two of my favourites, so in my opinion there’s no SHOULD about it 🙂 but I’m perfectly okay with people thinking it should have ended as long as they don’t continue watching just to hate on it. That’s just silly and poisonous.
      And it really ate the comment?! I’ll check Spam… sorry, I only figured out how to use widgets about a month ago. Like I said- crappy at ICT.


      • Regarding the should: After 3 Seasons? From what I heard the original planning was, that the show was supposed to end after Season 5 and the end was only added (Sam’s return) after another one was green lit.

        The Real Ghostbusters is by the way one of my most-watched episodes, even though I always get very annoyed at the Hook-man guy (Fritz?), who seems to be some weird ass pseudo-German…I just can’t stand those kind of characters/character portrayals… (Hence: Lost in Translation)

        Off-Topic: Do you use the free or the premium version of WP? If you use the free version, there is not much you can do about the comment layout, as that is mostly dictated by the theme, though there are some adjustments through the settings. In the premium version you can tweak it quite some more I believe. I might be able to help either way. If you need help, just let me know (I use free WP since 2012 + I have a degree in Computer Science).

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        • Well, I could be wrong- but I’m pretty sure I heard on one of the commentary tracks that originally they were only going for three seasons. I think they were planning for Sam to save Dean from Hell, after which no more seasons would be warranted.
          Personally- SO glad for the continuation. I’m all for sad endings, but how Swan Song would have ended is just… unbearably tragic.
          Yeah, the German dude… that was pretty weird… didn’t he die straightaway as well? Side note- I get why many people are offended by Becky, but I found her kinda hilarious.
          And I use the free version. I think there’s an option to change the comment layout, so I’ll check that out. Thanks for the offer- might have to take you up on that at some point 🙂 and wow, computer science? Jeez.


          • Maybe they planned three, then added up to five and then continued with Season wise…

            Swan Song was a tragic, but a good closure, but yeah, now that I’ve seen them, I don’t want to miss the other Seasons…
            Becky goes from hilariously ridiculous to totally annoying within seconds, so I’m not really fond of her and her strange obsessions…

            Yup, the one and only actual victim of the ghost-kiddies and he even complained about their “bad CGI” before they killed him >_<

            Yup, there is, but if I remember correctly it is only to determine the order of the comments (recent to last or vice versa) and if it should be displayed one after the other or step-wise (like you have right now).
            The official title is even Computer Science and Business Management or alternatively called Business Informatics…

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            • Yeah, I think that was how it went.
              Swan Song is one of those episodes where I tear up just getting screencaps. But I wouldn’t have missed the later seasons for anything- I know a lot of people who watched from the start were frustrated with the later ones, and you know, that’s fine, freedom of opinion. I came to SPN when s10 had already half-aired, though, and I couldn’t get enough- and two of the latter seasons are in my top 3 season list lol.
              I imagine that the German dude in TRG must have been as irritating to you as tea-drinking, uppity, posh-accented English stereotypes in American films are to me. Ugh.
              And that sounds an incredibly complicated subject. I’m taking Eng. Lang, Eng. Lit, Russian History, and Philosophy- CANNOT do mathsy stuff at all.


              • Lot’s of supposedly German people are quite irritating to me…imagine my struggles with “Everybody hates Hitler”… I’ll cover this one in the translation-post-series, but let me just tell you: No German in a life or death situation would order others to “Shoot at the Body” he’d simply shout “FIRE!” or “SHOOT”, they’re not stupid, they know that hitting the wall is useless when trying to kill someone… well at least the notes in the ledger seemed to actually be written in German, though I never got a clear enough view on them to see if the grammar was correct… though I did catch that the notes were in a formal/polite way of talking, which is quite irritating by itself…

                Anyway, interesting choices of subjects. Good luck! And not everyone can be good at everything and barely anyone is good at anything. 😉

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                  • The Golem part of the story was interesting, but the whole “have another Nazi-support-group, named after a mythical king that had a poem in Faust” is just not my cup of tea…
                    But I just don’t like that shows have to “succumb” to include Nazi-themes to keep the story “interesting”…

                    From the sound of their talking: No. Big No. There are just some nuances in the German language a native makes that someone with an English background can’t copy that easily, especially the “CH” and the full pronunciation of words – we barely do that, we love leaving out letters…

                    I just checked IMDB and from what I could find: No German actors among them. They rarely use German actors for German roles…

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          • Just some background information for newbies.The show was in danger of non-renewal for the first 3 years. In year 3, there was a writers strike, so the Bella arc was truncated and the ending of Dean going to Hell left as if it could be the end, but Kripke had a 5 year arc at the inception. Yes, the ending with Sam peering in on Dean, Lisa, and Ben was added when the renewal came through in a timely fashion- this lead to the Sera Gamble- souless Sam year. While all this was going on, the network WB was failing and had to be bought out by CBS- thus the CW(Cbs+Warner Bros) was born and Supernatural became a stable show with early renewal status. Current President of CW , Mark Pedowitz, loves the show( not just because it is profitable) and wants it to stay on as long as J2 want to do it( and the ratings hold).

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  8. Wren, you express yourself well. As a part of the SPN family from the pilot, there have been moments when I have said,”really?” with an episode or how an arc was handled at the end of a season, but if I didn’t enjoy the series I would change the channel. I stay away from IMbd in general because i found the vitriol too loud, Sometimes Bella sends me there as a side trip to see a comment, but as a rule, it’s not fun so I don’t visit. The actors that portray the characters are people just like us with good and bad moments and should not be confused with the characters they play although I do think the actors pull on their own experiences to infuse the emotions into characters. A bit run on, but ykwIm. Wishing anyone of the real life actors harm says more about the commenter’s state of mind. If one does not enjoy the show or the actors, then tune out- that’s simple. I’ve stopped watching several shows-short term and long time series when it becomes trite, boring, and frankly, there are better choices for my time.The rest of us can continue to enjoy the product as long as those making it do and the network sees the bottom financial line as profitable.Expression of opinion is part of freedom, but if someone needs to be hateful, then perhaps that person needs to move away from the show as it evokes negativity. There is a difference between negativity, hate, and disagreement. Rock on Wren.

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    • Debbab- nice to hear from you, and well said! For the record, I totally agree about the actors drawing on personal experience- and whatever works, you know. I mean, all the stuff about the Js crying their eyes out at each other’s death scenes? Not hard to believe. They’re clearly great friends.
      And I certainly shall, thanks 🙂


      • The emotions emoted by an actor- Once Jared told a story how a director told him that his own emotions were too raw for the scene and to pull back and separate and let Sam’s emotions come out- I think it was at the end of season 9 when Dean died(again) in Sam’s arms.Re-take. It’s so strange that true emotions are not believable on a screen.
        Also, Jared has talked about how Jensen has had to walk off a scene because it hits so hard inside- end of s8 in the church. Jensen has said that his brain knows its a script, but his body actually goes through the emotions and leads to physical exhaustion. Both actors have been reminded by their spouses to leave Sam and Dean at work. And from personal experience, the emotions poured into the task of emoting as a character are felt by the body which cannot differentiate real from acting. Guess that is part of the art and skill and why some actors are better than others.

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    • I can even understand hate-watching a show. Its a waste of time but I get it, but to then visit comments sections and crap on something that the people there are obviously enjoying is an even worse waste of time. What is a person doing with their life that they need to visit the comments sections just to say that the show sucks and has sucked for years?

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