On Supposed “Racialized Misogyny” In The s11 Trailer.

I posted this on A Blog Devoted To Supernatural because I want this to get more attention than it would here. Please speak up if you agree with me on this issue, because right now I feel like the world is populated by idiots.

A Blog devoted to Supernatural

I just dipped into the hurt!Sam Tumblr community to check out my Hell trauma theory regarding the torture scenes in the trailer, and one of the first things I saw was a slowed-down gif of the bra-wearing Asian lady in the trailer. The gif was tagged ‘racialized misogyny cw’.

As you might expect, I have a few things to say about this. None of them are nice.

First of all, depicting a woman, whether of Asian descent or not, in her underwear, is in no way misogynistic, whether it’s a sexual context or not. To say that that’s misogyny is akin to saying that depicting shirtless men is misandry. It’s ridiculous. What, you want to scrub all semi-nude females off TV screens? And that’s acceptable?

‘But it’s objectification,’ I hear Tumblr-dwelling tweens squeal. Okay, guys, let me tell you something. You got that gif from less than a second of…

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9 thoughts on “On Supposed “Racialized Misogyny” In The s11 Trailer.

  1. I haven’t watched the trailer yet – part of me doesn’t want to, the other doesn’t dare to, but one of your comments regarding the shirtless-ness of the guys reminded me of an “old” German TV show, called “Lasko” – you might remember reading about it here-, where the main character is bare chested at least once an episode – and that series only has two Seasons.
    So this is totally off topic, sorry, but I just had to say this…>_<

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