Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Six

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Look, I’m running out of different ways to tell you guys to comment with your top fives, so just go ahead and do it, will you?

I kid you not, Season Six is my baby. I love the screwiness of it, the messiness. It has about five different plots, what with Soulless Sam, Hell trauma, the Mother of All, the Campbells, Lisa, and Godstiel (yes, I realise that was six) all wreaking havoc. I’ve written an essay on DeanLisa and one on Soulless Sam if you’re interested.

1. The Man Who Knew Too Much


My all-time favourite episode. Everyone is in over their heads, and no-one more so than Sam, locked inside his own mind by Castiel. It’s funny in a schizophrenic way- ‘it was night and now it’s day!’- and also heartwrenching. JP’s performance as the three Sams remains one of his best to date, though it’s Hell Sam that…

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