Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Five

And here we go again

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Season Five was nuts. It was a patchwork of meta, fury, dorkiness, vengeance, addiction, parodies and tragedy. And that shouldn’t work, but it does. (And you better appreciate this. I cried just getting the Swan Song screencaps. That shit is potent.)

1. Swan Song


The epic love story of Sam and Dean is encapsulated here. The mirror-scenes with Lucifer and Sam are riveting- Jared is great- and the flashbacks come like a punch to the gut on first watch. So unexpected. (If you’re interested, I wrote about parallels between this, Brother’s Keeper and Sacrifice.) The scene where Dean rolls up in the Impala, blasting out Def Leppard, and steps out to grin at two archangels, is what I count as his finest moment. And the silent shot of Dean, face bloody, kneeling is just pure despair. Bobby, Castiel, Sam. All dead.

Then there’s the sheer terror on Sam’s face…

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