Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Four

Season Four’s here! Also, I’ll have a VS essay on Anna up in a few minutes..

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1. When The Levee Breaks


An odd choice, perhaps, but JP is wonderful in the Sam-centric penultimate episode. The entire thing is a pile of chilhood fears and suspicions. There’s one moment in particular where Sam is hallucinating his mother; we see her put an arm around him, and he leans into it, but then the camera switches angles and all we see is Sam, leaning into something that isn’t there.

2. Monster Movie


Decadent, groundbreaking, and so, so silly. I LOVE Jamie. Everything about this episode- not just the black-and-white, that’s easy to do- is in the style of a ‘monster movie’. The shadows on the wall. The stupid Wolfman costume. The shot of the glass spinning kaleidoscopically when Dean’s been drugged. The credits; the music. (Oh god, the MUSIC.)

Also, you…

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