Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Three

Boo. Here I am with another list. C’mon, lets hear it for Season Three.

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Allow me to deluge you with Season Three feels. Warning: Mystery Spot trauma dead ahead.

1. Mystery Spot

I like to say that the best thing you can do with a story is make it both funny and sad. Mystery Spot- hilarious, dark and shocking by turns- is the best example I can think of of this. ‘I’m supposed to wake up.’

(Damn. I literally just deleted the old Mystery Spot shots I had saved. This means an extra trip to screencapped.net. See the things I do for you guys?)


2. No Rest For The Wicked

God, what a pile of nastiness and manpain this episode is. It didn’t really kick into gear until the final scenes, though; Dean getting ripped apart while Sam screamed for them to stop was one of the most harrowing things they’ve ever done, not to mention that shot of Dean in Hell. I hereby…

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