My Top Five Episodes Of Season Two

Here’s my thoughts on Season Two.

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Hello again, guys. I’m back, and I brought my opinionation with me, look.

  1. All Hell Breaks Loose



I’m cheating here by counting both parts as one episode, but there’s no way I can’t include the death scene at the end of part one, in all its terrible poignancy. Jensen Ackles’ monologue, as Dean sits by Sam’s body, bypasses touching and goes straight to heartcrack- I think it remains some of the best work of his career. I was in tears basically throughout. Another great moment is when Jake is shot and falls, revealing Sam standing behind him, swaying a little, an ugly look on his face. It’s one of my favourite Kim Manners closeups.

But the moment that truly haunted me was when Dean clutched the newly-resurrected Sam into his arms, and the look on his face; that of someone who’d gone too far and seen too much.

2. Playthings

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