Anyone Got Any Ideas For Ship Metas?

So far I’ve written meta on Destiel, Wincest, Sastiel, Samelia and DeanLisa, and Samifer– if there are any ships I’ve left out, or that you’d like to see me write about, leave a comment.


12 thoughts on “Anyone Got Any Ideas For Ship Metas?

  1. Believe ot or not when Gordon was on the show there were ships of him and Dean. There’s Crowley and everybody ,since the human blood thing. Especially his fondness for Sam, lately.
    Oh and my personal favorite which I found especially intriguing was Castiel and (whatshername?)Megan? There were definitely some implications going on there.

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    • Gordon and Dean? Oh, that’s just sick.
      Crowley’s fondness for Sam is literally the funniest thing. That bit in Blade Runners where he’s staring at him and Sam’s like ‘What?’ and he’s all, ‘Oh, humanity, it makes me sentimental’ and Sam looks totally grossed out and is like ‘Well… stop.’ PLUS HE DIDN’T KILL HIM IN THE PRISONER. That scene was awesome.
      Megstiel! I love Megstiel!


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