Vivisecting Supernatural- Foretelling The Darkness

Many people were surprised when the Season Ten finale did a one-eighty on us, Death revealing that the Mark of Cain was all that stood in the way of the release of the Darkness- a pre-Biblical force of chaos- being released into the world. After the episode ended, there seemed to be at least one person on every chat thread protesting that the Darkness was a last-minute insertion, an excuse for a Season Eleven.

But there are instances of foreshadowing earlier in the season. The most striking instance- the only one that I’d swear to- comes in Book Of The Damned, where, describing how the Book was made, Charlie says ‘a nun locked herself away after having ‘visions of darkness”- the BoTD was what she emerged with.Could the Book hold information about the Darkness, then? If so, well- Rowena has it, so Sam and Dean are screwed. Must be Tuesday.


Then there’s the fact that the Season Ten premiere was called Black, which just seems a little coincidental given the season’s ending. People assumed that it referred to Dean’s demony eyes, but it could also have been foreshadowing. Ah, cyclical storytelling.

The last possible instance that I picked up on, though no doubt there are more, was in Girls, Girls, Girls, when Dean told Cole, concerning his own ex-demonhood, ‘once you touch that kind of darkness, you don’t ever come back from it’. As this, like example #2, is in connection with Dean’s demon phase, perhaps the Darkness has something to do with demons and their origins. And the mass of Darkness that swallowed Baby did look very like demon smoke- so it looks like we’ll be going deeper into what makes demons demons.

My point is that the ending, while unexpected, did not come out of nowhere. The showrunners would probably have had two different endings in mind for Season Ten- one for if the series ended there, and one for if they were picked up for a Season Eleven. And as they were picked up, they opted for the Darkness.

Personally, I welcomed the announcement of Season Eleven as good news- it’ll be my first in real time, and we’re having a femme fatale, old crap come back to haunt Sam and Dean, a Baby-centric episode, a possible Sam love interest, and maybe even Dean in a Hawaiian shirt.


28 thoughts on “Vivisecting Supernatural- Foretelling The Darkness

  1. Wasn’t it said that Lucifer created the Demons as his henchmen in the war against god, but didn’t really like them so he wanted to annihilate them with the apocalypse as well? (The Supernatural Wiki backs me up on the first part at least…)
    But maybe because he still possessed the Mark of Cain himself, Lucifer was able to use the Darkness to create them or at least it gave him the idea to torture the souls into Demons. (It’s kind of weird to still call it MoC even though Luci – or Luzi as I would usually shorten his name >_< – was the first to have it…)

    The smoke reminded me of the curse-clouds from Once Upon a Time. πŸ˜€
    I'm curious about the consequences and I like the thought that the Book of the Damned has more information on them.

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    • Yeah, I think so. In s5 Crowley wanted Lucifer dead because he figured that if Lucifer got rid of humans demons would be next.
      And yeah, possibly! (I don’t really mind about that because to call it the MoL would be to mix it up with the Men Of Letters acronym).
      Lol, I’ve seen three episodes of that show. Couldn’t really get into it though.


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