Vivisecting Supernatural- Charlie Bradbury And Suicide. Does What It Says On The Tin.

Season Ten ended ominously. The Darkness was loose, Metatron was free, Rowena had the Book Of The Damned, Crowley was evil, Cas was an attack dog, Death was dead, and the Winchesters were apparently on the verge of (insert theory here).

Yet somehow the event that has ravaged fanzines in the season’s wake was the death of the unforgettable Charlie Bradbury.


It’s obvious why everyone’s gutted. We all loved her. And some people are very angry over it- not me so much, since this is SPN and everyone dies, and at least her death served a purpose plotwise. But it’s interesting to see what this might mean for the show and the characters.


Last time Charlie was absent for a long period of time was after she vanished into Oz in Season Nine’s Slumber Party. She doesn’t reappear til Season Ten’s There’s No Place Like Home. It’s obvious why they needed her out of the way- Charlie’s a stabliser. She brings out things in the boys that no other characters do. If she’d been around to help, no way would Dean have spiralled down in Season Nine the way he did, and he probably would have thought better of taking on the Mark. And if they’re removing her again- not necessarily permanently, as we all know that on SPN the dead have a habit of returning to haunt us, but certainly for a while- it means some serious crap is going down. And it probably means that the Winchesters are going to make some very, very stupid decisions- ones that they wouldn’t make if Charlie were around to snap them out of it.


And if I were to take a guess? Sam and Dean’s plotlines have both reeked of suicide for seasons on end. Season One’s Skin, with Dean shooting the shapeshifter wearing his skin and his memories. Dean selling his soul. Sam trying to sell his in I Know What You Did Last Summer. Dean giving in to Michael in Point Of No Return, to which Sam says, ‘You were going to kill yourself, right?’ Then there’s Swan Song, where Sam jumps into Hell. The Man Who Knew Too Much depicted Sam killing two different versions of himself. Dean kills his leviathan self in Slash Fiction. Sam in Sacrifice, saying ‘So?’


First Born was effectively about suicidal Winchesters. We have Sam with the giant needle- of course he’s pulled back from the edge by Cas, in an example of friends stablising Winchesters- and Dean taking on the MoC. This was suicidally reckless in itself, and the decision killed him. There’s probably more examples.

Then we had The Werther Project, which was explicitly about suicide. But here we come to a divide between the Winchesters- Dean does not kill himself because he knows he will return as a demon if he does so, and also because he knows that Benny, the real Benny, would never tell him to do that. So we have a Winchester being saved by a friend. (And to digress, HOW BEAUTIFUL WAS THE PURGATORY DREAM SEQUENCE.)


Meanwhile Sam is bleeding out in the basement, on a drive to save Dean.


Eventually he is saved by Dean- but it’s clear that he would have died otherwise, and the issue of his self-worth, or whatever it is, is never really addressed. I predict a return to the suicide topic in Season Eleven- and with no Charlie around, we have one less stabilising influence on the Winchesters. It’s not looking good.


By the way, does anyone know why the header bar is mysteriously a rainbow?


14 thoughts on “Vivisecting Supernatural- Charlie Bradbury And Suicide. Does What It Says On The Tin.

    • Thanks! Yeah, me too actually. The first we saw of her was Dark Charlie talking about torture, which was ominous from the jump. And her face was really pale. She had the marked-for-death look…
      Cas. They’re in a bit of a corner regarding him- I’ve seen so many people saying that if he dies they’re out- which I find crazy, but whatever. And our first look at him in s10 was when he was dying. Not a good sign.

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  1. I think that the issue of Suicide is something that comes up a lot because it is something that is near and dear to JP’s heart.. The “Keep Fighting” Mantra that JP has been dealing with almost the entire duration of the series.. even having to shut down a few days in season 3 due to his depression… Just a thought but I know its something he finally started talking about and it’s something that they have on the show wanted to give respect to….

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    • Yeah, I heard about that. It’s one of the only issues the show deals with that transcends the fantasy/reality boundary. And Sam has to deal with the idea of suicide significantly more than Dean, which could be JP’s effect. I think it’s good that they handled it so tactfully.


      • His issues with depression could also be the reason that this might be the last season of Supernatural. Its cute that they live practically next door to eachother in Texas… But I think since JP had a family and I know what the work hours are like on a TV show, plus the convention schedules.. You know Stephen Amell has a little give Mave that is on set all the time, and he lives in Seattle so the Vancouver/Seattle thing isnt a big deal.. He travels with his family etc.. I get a feeling that JP doesn’t get to spend as much time with his and I don’t know if Genevieve is still a working actress (I haven’t seen her in anything outside of being Ruby and sorry I still liked Katie Kassidy better as Ruby but I’m happy she is the Black Canary on Arrow and that Abadon is Cupid on Arrow too lol anywaaay) we’ll see.. ackles directing could be a thing of a good faith in negotiations… but I think that if the show doesn’t go on, I know and understand why. 11 years is a long time to give to a show it’s a lot longer than most actors ever do..

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        • I hope it doesn’t end after 11- it’s just an annoying number to end at!- but I would understand if the actors didn’t want to go on- it is a very long time. JP’s been doing SPN for a third of his life. However, I did see an interview where JP joked that he’d be fine with a season 19, so I can hope 🙂
          I like both Rubys, but I think they are basically different characters.


  2. I like Charlie but I agree that her death was the opposite of shocking. Everyone that comes in contact with the Winchesters dies eventually. Except Crowley. Even Cas has died..he just comes back. Ditto for the Winchesters themselves.

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  3. I think that both of Sam and Dean do not have a lot of self worth. They think each other is better off alive. They have been through years of growing up basically in a state that creates lots of mental illness. Plus they have major abandonment issues. I think this plays a lot into the suicide and willing to give up their lives so easily.

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    • Yeah. It’s kinda weird- Dean seems to have lower self-esteem, but Sam is more willing to kill himself. Judging by The Werther Project, anyway (which I totally loved).
      And yeah, their upbringing would have factored hugely into it- they were forced to view themselves as chess pieces, not kids. #JohnWinchester’sA+Parenting

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