Vivisecting Supernatural- Spot The Monster

Supernatural has always advocated the message that the worst monsters are human- The Benders has got to be one of the all-time most disturbing episodes. The Styne family are a recent example of humans who turned themselves monstrous., whereas some monsters are a little too human, especially for Sam- citing Roadkill, The Girl Next Door and especially Heart.


And at the other end of the scale, some beasts are a little too human as well. Specifically the phoenix from Frontierland, and the dragons from Like A Virgin. For reasons that are probably budget-connected (which in no way prevents people expounding on the deeper meanings), both creatures took human forms- the dragons people with glowy fingers and leathery wings, and the phoenix a man who can be burned with iron.


And the dragons were certainly not blameless. They ended up freeing Eve from Purgatory. The phoenix, on the other hand, had been living quietly until his wife was attacked and killed, and her death pinned on him. Only then did he decide to go and kill the people who wronged him- and this was in the 1800s, where vigilantism was not uncommon, and the death penalty was handed out regularly.
Yet when Dean meets the phoenix he hears his story, clearly feeling sympathy- after all, it’s a similar story to his own, except that the monster/human roles are reversed- and yet his response is, ‘You see, I know what you are. Which means I gotta kill you’.
And in context, we know that Dean needs the phoenix’s ashes to kill Eve. Out of context, it begs the question- was Dean right to kill the phoenix? And what even made the phoenix a monster anyway? The fact that he killed people for revenge? Please. Sam and Dean have killed people. The fact that he can’t touch iron and is able to melt faces off? Right, because it isn’t as if Sam and Dean have dabbled in dodgy powers before.


It says something that when Sam and Dean are empowered, they are worse than many of the so-called monsters they meet. I’d say Demon Dean was worse than Crowley or Meg.


Unquestionably Dean has killed more humans than Amy, the kitsune friend of Sam’s that Dean killed in Season Seven, yet he didn’t hesitate to kill her. When Cole came on the scene in Black, it was clear that hunting down Dean, the monster, was his life’s work- and the first thing he did was tie Sam to a chair and torture him.
Hi. Welcome to SPN. This is how we introduce our protagonists.



Somewhere along the way, the lines have blurred. But even as far back as Season Two, Dean was killing innocent vampires. Gordon came on the scene, convinced that Sam was the antichrist (later on, the actual antichrist would turn out to be an innocent eleven-year-old). Sam kills Jake Talley. In Jus In Bello, it’s Dean’s plan, not Ruby’s, that has the bodycount. In Swan Song, Lucifer asks Michael to not fight. In Sacrifice, Dean would rather the world was overrun by demons than lose Sam again, and in Brother’s Keeper, they unleashed a curse on the world because Sam and Dean denied Death.
At the end of Brother’s Keeper, as they ran for the car, Dean MoCless at last, Sam beat-up and shell-shocked, it’s obvious that they have no clue how to fight this particular monster.


Funny how when serious crap happens, it’s always the Winchesters who set it off.



28 thoughts on “Vivisecting Supernatural- Spot The Monster

  1. A great post, and entertaining comment thread too – I had fun! My favourite thing about the brothers is how flawed they are. How human. I agree that throughout the show they’ve both demonstrated the darker side to their nature, reflecting that humans can be the most terrifying of monsters. But I think it’s the love they have for each other, coupled with the world in which they live that feeds their obsession. If Dean had lost Sam originally and didn’t have the power to resurrect him – his grief would have been no less powerful, but he wouldn’t have started them on the complex road they’ve travelled since. But then there wouldn’t have been a show! I think the creators are clever in that they use humour, and the deep bonds which irrevocably bind us, to counteract the darker elements of the show ๐Ÿ˜€

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