Hello, viewers I do not have.

My name is Wren Collins. I’m addicted to books, Supernatural and peanut butter. I’m planning on using this blog to post essays (mostly SPN, possibly other stuff too) and episode recaps. That sort of thing.

Hey, I might even get going with the fanfic.

8 thoughts on “Hello, viewers I do not have.

  1. Well I read your blog backwards starting at your 3rd post, I have a feeling I could be tempted to reblog ALL your posts but then my blog would become your blog and that seems wrong 🙂 But I will definitely be following!

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  2. Also if you haven’t come across it, I highly recommend markwatches.net. He watches stuff totally unspoiled, and offers videos of him watching each episode as well as a written review. He’s just started season 10 of SPN. The community there is pretty great about discussing various aspects of the episodes and Mark is pretty vigilant about keeping a respectful and welcoming community. His videos have been the highlight of my week, so fan to fan? Check it out if you haven’t been there yet 🙂

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